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Whoa! LAN-Guage…

November 1, 2020






See a Pater-n?

Our LAN-Guage is a cipher, sometimes plainly coded (like above, the first division, LR, Op-pO, the original Opposite etc.), sometimes levels deep through design(99%) and evolution(1%).

Eye Say , Eye Saw (cut you in half) you 2 day.

RIGHT ahead then, don’t get LEFT behind.

LEFT-overs…. so stale, something’s not RIGHT!

Did you DRAW (create, usually in 2D) money from the bank, water from the well, sustenance from the source?

Are you feeling Con(with) Fused (together), Confused, or a little scattered? Scattered and confused would lead to brain shattering cognitive dissonance…

So shattered and battered (hit/injured really hard, also key food ingredient) and splattered on Haters and Daters and Eaters and Faters and Gaters and Laters (toots) and Maters and Paters (Oooooooh) and Raters and Skaters and Taters….

What? That my friends is not evolutionary, grunt to grace evolution, that is a design.A SPELL-ing.

M and N are the 13th and 14th letter of the aleph-bet, much malignantly designed unless you break it’s code. They sit, so to speak, at the HEART of the matter…

They are mere Con-sonants, pillars of sound, dead without a vow to El, a Vowel.

Be-hold (always a weird one for me, Be and Hold is to look upon?), the first Vow-El is A…
A reaches between the center-pillars of the Aleph-bet to animate MAN.
That makes A the A-nimatrix?
The Hawa (wind, prana shakti, female polarity) that moved aadam to become from Clay to MAN?
A is also, obviously a Higher dimension, coming in through the Top, Splitting at a place into the two circular traps of duality.

The Pi-neal and the Pi-tutiary

Two s(pi)ns, two arms, with the heart being the point where Air and Water, Above and Below, meet to create a Matter (mater) drenched Pattern (Pater).

The Spirit and the flesh, Yoked (Yolked) at the heart.

And so on for every letter.

It gets better.

Next time 😉

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  1. November 16, 2020 9:26 am

    a wonder-full dis-play of in-finite no-ledge ^.^

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