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The Singularity Unfoldeth…

March 11, 2021

AI and the Forced Singularity

Lot’s has been written on this topic. These are just some re-enforcing thoughts I’m having…

Money: Makes the world go round. A binary state, either you are wedded to it or divorced from it. It’s an energy and a force-field (first, in pure form, of exchange, now, in it’s fallen, digital state, of unbridled power). It’s in our original Contract. And there is NO WAY modern money mechanics (say since 1990 or so) can be managed BUT with the help of Machine Intelligence (complex algorithms deciding oil prices, gold fixes, dollar volatility, reserve ratios, exchange rates et. al.). It’s a 16 plate spinning act while juggling knives standing on a board that’s rocking on a leaking ball. Add crypto-currency to the mix…..that’s AI money. Play money whose only value is the implied electricity harvested to mine it. Bottom line, Machines are running the modern monetary system…’s why it can keep pulling back from the brink.Food/

Logistics: Deeply intertwined, super complex pricing mechanisms (from Farmer’s Almanac to Complex weather modelling software), global scale, massive volume, price sensitive, multi-variate. Again, only a machine can keep these many real-time factors in play and at bay.

pHARMa: Completely algorithm driven space. Only machines can now enable the kind of “Solutions” pHARMa is seeking to impose. Models of drugs tested on models of recipient. The human alone was never given the tools to dive/dig this deep in a literal fashion. From magnifying glasses to now, the machine has magnified that world for us. Now machines model models. Completely in the grip of Big Data/AI/Machine Learning.

Transportation: The great Driverless Car push. The push for sensor laden cars. The push for Connected Vehicles, infotainmant etc.. Radar and Lidar as the eyes of the machines. IOT, everywhere IOT. Oh and there’s an APP for that. Rent it, chuck it. Ownership is such a drag. Skate free on the thin ice of a new day etc. Scooters and drones getting multi-billion dollar investments. the global call taxi market, managing best routes and optimum fares for millions of rides, simultaneously…..aircraft are pretty much AI flown today, AI landed too…’s all Machine Managed.

The Internet: Now a jaggernaut of data creation/harvesting. Currency is attention. Tracking it, attracting it, hooking it and of course, monetizing it. Such a lucrative business, being a gatekeeper of such power. But after the first 1,000,000 computers networked, it’s been the machine from there on out. An algo will decide who gets to see this post. Only machines can design tomorrow’s machines. Humans left the picture long ago. We are mere outline givers now.

If it’s true that all of above are key pillars of modern human society and that each of the pillars generates a massive amount of data and that all of the computing horsepower to run such massive networks sits in fewer and fewer hands and those hands depend of computer models to invest/divest in businesses. Boggles the mind to imagine combining all that data into a cohesive near real time model of global society.

Set limits and shock test all day long to refine (actually mold) the network predictability.

Bombs here. A long war there.Crash that currency.

Escalate the price of onions in India.

Shut global society down simultaneously for a hoax of epic proportions.

That’s power and that power is firmly in the machines hands.

The singularity is not an event, it’s a process, like everything else.

Energy goes where attention flows…

Do We Have A Shot At Singularity in 2018?
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  1. Hélène permalink
    March 11, 2021 4:50 pm

    Yet again, your way of summarizing the events unfolding is as poetic as it is devastatingly, frighteningly true. So much of our “reality” is abstract and based on mindless consumption. We are the product.

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