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March 21, 2021

Once religion externalized our gods, we’ve been left Hollow, the emptiness “Civilization” hopes to fill…

When our gods resided firmly with-in us, we were “The Great Men of Old”, the literal/figurative giants.

Along came religion, especially once it was “Bound” into “The Books” and leached our inner godhood out into mythical/apotheosis-ed humans, stone and gold statues and the forces of nature.

Notice how much political parties around the world lean on their vile twin to invoke fear and/or obedience.

Notice how politically active all modern day “Godmen” are.

Goebbels was right about the repeated lie theory and modern society is a living, though hardly shining, example of it.

Since the word Religion traces it’s etymological, Latin roots to “Bind Again, Re-Ligare”, reversing religion would free up those Ligares.

The “Fall of Man” was the externalization of what made us great. Now we search endlessly on the outside, from pillar to church to temple to post…..

We each have our own Inner Temples, in fact they even tell us exactly where they are…


Sol Aum On anyone?

May be an image of indoor

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