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The Still Perspective…

March 25, 2021

We will never find inner stillness till we real eyes that we exist in/on an inherently stationary realm.

And on this realm, the visual game is entirely one of the vanishing perspective.

Please understand, vanishing perspective creates “Depth” in two dimensions. It’s how art in two dimensions can be so startlingly three dimensional seen through the right set of eyes.

Perspective adds depth.

What we see around us is a perspective dome.

Each one of us exists in our own, unique perspective dome, always.

None of us are ever seeing the same world.

So, inherently stationary realm, bound by the law of vanishing perspective visually and by the attenuation of sound in any medium audibly….
The 5 sense reality is a very limited perspective “prison”.
The PENT, that makes you feel Pent Up….the PEN that is mightier than the s-word…

Also very interesting to note that micrograms of a psychedelic can rewire your reality for hours/days if not for ever….

How thin a veneer, eh?
A mere smear….

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  1. Stephen permalink
    March 26, 2021 12:45 pm

    Yes, I think we (the human race) are do for a rewiring. I think I was rewired by a few ingestions of ayahuasca. It did not seem like it at the time. In fact, it just seem like a lot of nausea and anal secretions to me, but over the years, there was a subtle but real transformation. Somehow, my cage started to melt away and now I cannot be put back in my old box. According to one of the Shamans that I worked with in the Peruvian Amazon, ayahuasca is the ‘gift that keeps on giving.’

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