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All the world’s a….

March 28, 2021

The connected, modern world is a massive ritual stage.

Big ones being played out currently, what with the shootings in the US, Severe flooding in Australia, “Plagues” of rats, snakes and spiders over-running aussie towns, the ongoing super mega ritual, now in it’s incubus phase, the ongoing madness in the middle east, a ship called EVER GIVEN owned by the EVERGREEN line blocks the SUEZ ZEUS canal, The GAMEalreadySTOPPED, NFC’s and funny money sinks in the fashion of the new currency, with a robot drawn painting(digital of course) selling for over 600,000 dollars, the first transgender beauty pageant winner, in Nevada (of course, the theater of the absurd)…..

The newsflow is from a Hollywood disaster flick, in slow motion.

But it’s being “PLAYED” out on the world stage is all.

A lot of the blood is ketchup.

A lot of the injured/dead are crisis actors.

A lot of the plot lines are so darn jaded.

A lot of money is made.

The line between fact and fiction began to actively dim when Reality TV (an OXYMORON if there ever was one) began to absorb a very significant part of the global attention feed.

It’s actually absurdly easy and difficult to tell the two apart anymore. Think of how many hours on average, your world is filtered to you via a screen…I find myself not reacting to BREAKING news anymore. I can see, clearly, the tired, scripted nature of the narrative MUCH more clearly than I can the potemkin reality.

The illusion is a layer, a smear on the real, on the real-m.The wisest can straddle both worlds with ease.

Via Don Juan: Hopefully apropos…

Think about it: what weakens us is feeling offended by the deeds and misdeeds of our fellow men. Our self-importance requires that we spend most of our lives offended by someone.


In the Art of Dreaming Don Juan tells Carlos, “… most of our energy goes into upholding our importance… if we were capable of losing some of that importance, two extraordinary things would happen to us. One, we would free our energy from trying to maintain the illusory idea of our grandeur; and two we would provide ourselves with enough energy to … catch a glimpse of the actual grandeur of the universe.”


And finally, via Dune and it’s brilliant Reverend Mother Darwi Odrade…

We witness a passing phase of eternity. Important things happen but some people never notice. Accidents intervene. You are not present at episodes. You depend on reports. And people shutter their minds. What good are reports? History in a news account? Preselected at an editorial conference, digested and excreted by prejudice? Accounts you need seldom come from those who make history. Diaries, memoirs and autobiographies are subjective forms of special pleading. Archives are crammed with such suspect stuff.

Darwi Odrade

May be a close-up of text that says "AWAKEN"
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