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Sexual Plasticity…

March 30, 2021

When they first introduced condoms, plastic/elastic ones, no one wanted to use them.Who would? A piece of plastic wrapped tightly around the phallus, just so you can get inside.

It was like oil wanted to be between the sexes and it is.

But the uptake was terrible, no one wanted to use them.

So they turned up the male responsibility guilt tripping play, still it did not work. Women had not yet figured out what a terrible thing those birth control pills were for them, responsible as they are for the explosion of breast cancer in the west. But hey, that’s a topic for another day.

And so enter HIV and Herr Dockor Fukky.

The first, great, global sexual health scamdal (!).

Now, if you did NOT wear a condom, you were at risk. All the arguments being used for masks now were being used for condoms then.

Heterosexual, homosexual, it mattered not. High risk, low risk, it mattered not.

And so, kicking and screaming in the face of an epidemic that did not exist, people the world over reluctantly began to embrace cock-plastic.

Just ponder what it actually means.

Also, etymologically, Condom = Con + Doom. Yes, life was doomed once the condom was there, trapping all the seamen.

And so, in the mid-late 90’s came Viagra. Now all those men who could not get erections at the thought of having to slip on a tight piece of plastic, could swallow a pill that COULD, give them 8 hour erections and destroy their equipment and or give them a heart attack, but hey, at least you could still fukk.

Do you see a pattern of induced fear followed by intrusion?

The exact thing is happening with masks and maggacinations.

Just like how the ridiculous concept that that you need to wrap a piece of tight plastic around your phallus to make love, now you need to wrap your face with a plastic mask to stay alive.

This is how they roll and it pays to recognize what’s UP!

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  1. Stephen permalink
    March 30, 2021 12:18 pm

    As always, great post. I have been observing here in the US (I have not been out of America for about 10 years). I am afraid the people here (and I suspect mostly all over the world, but certainly better in some countries) have become terminally stupid. The US alt media and even the main stream media have more than put out enough information to call bull shit on the entire ‘scamdemic.’ One does not have to dig to far to see the truth of the matter. Unfortunately, humanity has become largely defective. We may have to go back to the creator to repair these ‘factory defects.’ In the interim, look for humanity to just fail on many levels. Sad, but true.

  2. April 4, 2021 7:14 am

    Leslie Nielsen in one of his spoof movies practices safe sex by wearing a body size condom, forerunner of today’s PPEs.
    PPEs were experimented with on the hapless health workers in Africa for Ebola.
    What are PPEs supposed to protect us from? Won’t taking a swab make the virus settle on the PPE and gloves, and then go on to infect the next one taking the swab test?

    All PPEs do would be to make the “health” worker uncomfortable, get dehydrated, and get bacterial and fungal infections, make them sneeze and itch, without reducing the transmission of cold and flu-like viruses.
    Would anyone approach a PPE wearing health worker if there is a real illness around? Even a half-retarded fool will be scared.

    Test-Track-Treat – what a scam!

    As you say we need to revisit all hyper-up “diseases” from the past and the recommended “solutions”. HIV and hapless Africans, when no one really knows if there is an AIDS virus!

    • April 4, 2021 7:32 am

      The whole thing is such a farce….there is no virus, so what test, what protection? TTT…haaaaahaaaa…. since this medical spear is what they finally used, imagine the planning to get to where we are…

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