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Jai Devi!

April 24, 2021

The sob story of the oppressed and suppressed Indian Feminine is one of the biggest lies sold to the west by media. Ironically, for the westernized Indian set, it’s probably true, though for a host of different reasons.

Wipe those images of Life and NatGeo and the History Channel and other such lying, manipulative outlets from your minds

.And come and live a day in my shoes.

In the villages they rule the roost.

You can bet the lady below can teach us a thing or three about life.

I went deep into the hills of Nepal, a small rural hamlet with my XX….the stories I could tell.

Total plant wisdom.

Could grown anything.

Knew deeply the art of child birth and rearing, natal massage, skeletal system massage, nose re-shaping etc. etc… gorgeous children

Masters of animal husbandry

Brilliant chefs, rice and wheat and dandelion wine makers

Make anything from bamboo

Walk 4 hours to the market and back in the same day over some of the toughest terrain you can imagine

Drink you under the table

As physically prone to violence as the men. Give it and take it, but life goes on

Build the most beautiful cottages from scratch, no cement, no bricks.

Keepers of the traditions. Mistresses of ritual, puja, the elementals

So hardworking it was stupefying…

And more…

Gypsy Woman From India Stock Photo 34346141 - Megapixl
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