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Bitter Sweet…

April 25, 2021

When I encounter a bitter cucumber (and boy do I, summer, in India and local varieties, every 4-5th cuke is BITTER), I don’t do a gag reflex and spit it out.
Instead, I pay attention to the taste and make sure I eat as much as I can before it overwhelms me.
There are five sets of taste receptors on our tongue…

Sweet Sour Salty Bitter Savoury

Now think back on your diet for the past one week and remember the last time you tasted something bitter. as in really bitter, like aaag, gag bitter.

Because you sure as heck ate ice cream, a jam perhaps, some salty crackers/chips/peanuts, a lemon something or the other, perhaps some mouthwatering savory tamarind?

What about bitter? Left out in the cold by an acculturated diet where salt and sugar are deified addictions….

This huge imbalance is a big reason for people being off balance. If you cannot relish bitter, you will not be able to hear it either.

For 99.99% of you, I’ll bet the answer is nothing. or at best something that was too far on one of those axes and they default to bitter. Ever eaten too much cake and then regretted it? Ack!

Except where native, culturally inherited and locally apropos diet is followed, that all five tastes are balanced.

In fact, pharma needs to sugar coat it’s pills because ALL MEDICINE IS BITTER.
Hmmmmmmmm… interesting.

So personal experience…

I had an 18 month stint with functioning alcoholism when the dot com bubble burst in early 2000. I weigh 77 Kilos now ( for the past 18 years), I had ballooned to a 120 K’s. Looked all right, interestingly, felt terrible.

On the morning of 31st december 2000, I woke up with a swollen left big toe. Like a giant heirloom tomato. I was so far gone those days, I thought I must have crushed it against something while intoxicated and went hobbling for my starbucks. And there, a friend of mine took one look and said: Gout.

Gout…overburdened liver sending uric acid for storage to the farthest point from the heart (such genius in this body of ours)…

Anyways, i had the rich, old man’s disease as a recently poored, young man. I quit drinking that day. Cold Turkey Buzzard (drinkers will understand).

Not inclined to drop into the comforting arms of western medicine, I sought a local practitioner of Ayurved, this was in the Bay Area in Kalifornica…

She promptly gave me 3 sets of powders and set me on my way, with a mild threat of giving me coffee enemas if I did not improve fast…

Woke up the next morning, full of healing resolve, took the first powder, pop the spoon in the mouth…gaag, arghhhh, ptooooey….yack, ack…second one, same same, third…the WORST…

I called her up in righteous indignation and said, hey doc, I can’t swallow this bitter medicine.

She said, no sweat wannabe natural healer, bring them by, I’ll encapsulate them for you.

Easy….finished the course to no great avail.

Only many years (7 to be precise) later, I realized that the bitter taste of the powders was probably a huge part of their healing modality.

And so I consciously work bitter into my life. Grab and chew leaves off a neem tree, relish my bitter cucumber, a bitter almond? Bring it on, they’ve all but been engineered out of existence, because Laetrile (B17), the bitter element, cures all cancers.

Of course the best aethric bitter thing to swallow is the truth, the whole truth and nothing BUT the truth….about yourself first.

What Don Juan would call an uncompromising self-examination. It’s a heck of a journey.

Lot’s of bitter bile comes up, that needs to be swallowed.

It’s a near impossible first step for most of us. And you cannot get to step two without step one completed.

So, from personal experience, I can tell you, that on the 28th day of eating a handful of bitter neem leaves first thing every morning, they become sweet to me. The sweetest thing I knew.

And anything traditionally sweet felt BITTER, like off the charts.
I had successfully reset my baseline.

I wish I had a way to convince you of how important this is and how you can start to practice it today.

Talk to a naturopath (from any school, including Ayurved) and ask them give you the bitterest tasting natural powder which is neutral for the body.
Or if you’re lucky to live around neem, walk up, first thing in the morning…. thank the tree and take 6-12 leaves….munch, munch, munch…swallow.

And watch your life change.

In more ways than one. You see, as without so within. So now, suddenly words in my ear that I earlier found bitter, were just natural….I could deal with a lot of external bitterness.

I became waaaaay easier to be around, I’ll tell you that…

So, swallow the bitter pill. Seek it out…..

If I was to give anyone ONE piece of advice, that, if followed through with, would change their lives, this would be it…

So, kadwa khao, swashta ho jao!

Bitter Melon!!! So good…

May be an image of food
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  1. April 30, 2021 6:32 am

    Bonduc nut, fever nut (Caesalpinia bonduc) with pepper and/or long pepper seems to have positive effects on both men and women in middle and later years. Is used widely in India and many African countries.
    It is mostly used to eliminate cysts, uterine fibroids, and for hormonal balance.
    The kernel has a strange bitterness.
    Those who taste neem leaves the first time would similarly find the bitterness strange and overwhelming.
    Yes, definitely people should add more bitter vegetables and plants in their menu.

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