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Gauging our LAN!

April 28, 2021

In this inverted reality, the TRUTH is a LIE.

First, please understand, and of course all/most of you already know this, language is a deeply considered construct. It is NOT an evolutionary thing as in grunt grunt became Give me a cup of Tea.

Wise old beings of yore either downloaded or developed systems of writing to best convey the depth of their words for two reasons:

1) Repeated consumption, so of course the first “written” books were religious manuals.

2) For posterity

A Vocal/Verbal/Memory tradition had been “reduced” to Alphabet. Why reduced? I’ve read such beautiful poetry, such beautiful romance, such truth (!!!)….. but it’s really simple.

A higher dimensional dataset (sound, vocalization, words, meaning, intent, context etc., 4 or 5 or more dimensional?) was to be reduced to 2 dimensions.

Such extreme data loss eh?

First step down was from the realm of ideas (9th dimensional concept) to the realm of speech (4-5 Dimensional). Signal LOSS!

Then down to Writing. Massive signal loss.

Which was of course Rite-ing, in CURSIVE, using SPELL-ing, glued together by the rules of the Grimoire (Grammer).

Now this is why this journey is EXTREMELY important for everyone. This is how I see it:

When you re-vivify what you read in 2 dimensions, via your own mind, it’s knowledge, biases, acculturation etc., think of two things:

1) How far removed this was from the “Idea” that bore it?

2) How much “Chinese Whisper Effect” happened in the translation-retranslation?

And now imagine the dank, death oriented court of a brUtish royal in the 14-1500’s.

She has two of the western world’s best known alchemists in her court. Sir John Dee and Sir Francis Bacon.

And she has a restive populace. The reverberations of the much misunderstood and maligned magna carta still rippling a few centuries later.

The inbred old hag, whose name, thankfully, slips my mind, asks her two black magicians to alter the language in such manner that those who would speak it, her Sub-Jects (re-jects, de-jects, in-jected…what the heck IS a Ject?) would go mad…..slowly.

John Dee had recently started contacting “Other worldly” spirits and together with his friend, Bacon and three other friends from the Society of Athena (The Spear Shaker, thus Shakespeare) started channeling these demonically inspired messages into

a) The new english and

b) plot lines that would destroy the social and moral fabric of people who watched the plays.

The new english would have all the weird inversions that I’ve presented over the years. Delighted to meet you. De-Lighted is En-Darkened. See the inversion?

Defend me, defend me.

De-Fend, to remove that which fends (De-Fence)….

Oh that’s AWE-SOME (the best)…

Oh that’s AWE-FULL (the WORST)

Week Days (Weak Daze), Followed (Fall-Lowed) by Week Ends (Weak Ends)….And everyone is a follower (Fall Lower)….

Such a shock to find that english is largely made up of compound words.
Etymology is the KEY.

See, even a DICTIONARY is a DICTION-ARY. Diction is HOW to SAY a word, not what it means.

So they lie about the meanings, because that book never promised any…. See how cleverly it’s all been done?

So the force feeding of Shakespeare’s new english ridden, and for that time soul destroying concept filled slop, by edict…changed OLDE ENGLISH into this modern mad-maker.

That is why an ARMY of Shakespeare COMPANIES (A company is a term of the military) fanned out into the countryside, performing at a blistering pace.

And if ole Shakes a Pear is coming to town, you HAD to attend, by royal edict and the threat of great harm. An entire nation was re=programmed, new words, new letters and also all new social constructs.

Can you imagine what Romeo and Juliet must have done to the youth of the time?

This is how you RE-BOOT an entire nation.

Once they had their mind fucked foot soul-diers, COLONization began to spread the mad making poison of modern english. If you wanted to climb in a COLONized country, english was your key. And a healthy does of subservience of course.

Easy peasy, people clamoring amongst each other to download the tongue that would captivate their mind and drive them crazy.

Some people say…nah, that’s just word play. No it’s not. Think….

Words make you dance, sit, work, cry, laugh, associate, express…. they are the very foundation of our existence.

And we dare think that the designer of this giant edifice, an edifice standing largely on the back of the english speaking western world, did not know what they were doing?

Language is the software of our system. It builds our reality.

So of course, the TRUTH is actually a LIE.

What is the letter T? It represents the HEADLESS MAN. It means at the core level of language that includes this letter, only the DECAPITATED MAN can play. Capito Diminutus Maxima. Imagine an Egyptian ANKH with it’s top removed. That is T. The Shoulders and spine, the cross, but missing it’s top.

A dead Letter.

So it is in some of the root words like THE, IT, TO, THIS, THAT, THOSE, THEM etc.


RUTH is an old testament character who was widowed and then became “Famous, she has her book on the Old T.” for the self-lessly loyal service she did to her mother-in-law. A total doormat story. Nothing “tRUTHfull” about her story at all.


And then, you come down to the construct of each letter, what has changed and why, by whom?

And what is it doing to our minds and hearts, repeating this inverted mantra in our head every day, day after day.

This was the biblical scattering of the tongues, part deaux….

Now we ALL speak with a forked tongue. We say one thing and unbeknownst to us, mean another. And then we wonder why there is so much misunderstanding in the world today.

Ponder it, it’s worthy of your attention.

And yes, Shakespeare was simply a collective of the best and brightest in the Q’s court, along with their pals from a secret society called The Society of Spear Shakers.


A True & Faithful Relation of Dr John Dee & Some Spirits (limited ed) –  GOHD Books
2 Comments leave one →
  1. April 30, 2021 6:14 am

    So Shylock did manage to get his pound of flesh out of humanity without spilling a drop of blood?
    The world’s a stage, the script writers, the brain, the head behind all modern theater (including COVID), have ordinary people follow the script to a “T”, headless, zombie-like.

    We may borrow nothing, yet the contract gets written, we become indebted. We are told to fear not, for when the time comes, the pound of flesh will be extracted without spilling any blood.

    Why did the English royalty speak French, when they did not get along with the French? Is French as absurd as English?

    • April 30, 2021 6:18 pm

      It really is up to each of us to reclaim our self at this point….everyday a little more. We will be making pivotal decisions till the cows come home…

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