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Psy-Lens IS Golden!

April 29, 2021

More on the language construct:

Once your mind’s i has turned inwards, it will never look at the outer world the same way again.

This is what happened to me and Inglish.

I used to be a confident, opinionated and outspoken person in the old paradigm. I used the language in all it’s “taught” depth with finesse, if I may say to myself.

Then a series of little things happened that made my life pivot, pivot, pivot.

Those tales, and boy are there tales, I’ll save for another day. Suffice to say that Kicked Silly Con valley in it’s teeth and spent 5 years as an illegal (probably one of the most overqualified illegals in California).

As my financial situation worsened, I fell into the inviting laps of society’s rebels and re-jects. Relentless crew, they delivered one eye-opening MORE-on after another.

Remember LESS-on and MORE-on? I’m a MORE-on and so should you attain MORE-on hood.

So, with my brain now mush from having had my world-view swept from under my feet (thank you Rense dot com ), further mushed by the regular and copious and reverential consumption of the green goddess, for which northern Kali-Fornia’s hills are famous.

And it struck me, thinking one day, sitting in a Papa-san in San Rafael, that I was or at least used to be a man of convictions. But then, I had my tipping point moment, so innocent and simple, but it quelled the fire under my tongue.

Convicts have convictions.

So how come having convictions in the free world is good, but if you “Get” a conviction, you go to Gaol (olde SPELL-ing of Jail, yes, that is why every game has a GOAL (GAOL, simple inversion for the language makers), you are constantly heading to, yearning for, striving to get into GOAL (GAOL, Jail).

SO much for GAOL setting eh?

Oh yes, and when you “set” a GAOL, you start an UNDER-TAKING?

Or is that an END-EVER?

You C how it goes? It’s a rabbit hole.

And just as I was really coming of AGE-SAGE, my tongue, once a confident whip-lash, was now floundering all over the place. I knew I was speaking in TONGUES!

Real MEAN-ing (how mean), implied meaning, contextual meaning, esoteric meaning, etymological roots)….on an on as a word struggled to hold onto a familiar hook, that in my mind, had been erased.

And so, as if by divine guidance, relation-SHIP (hmmmm) ended, left my super cushy CEO job, took myself to a family house I never thought I would ever even re-visit, had it painted in a riot of colour, holy, regal and sacred geometric riot of colour.

And it’s midst, I sat for 7 years, mostly in silence.

In 2018, something shifted, once again, entirely refreshed ideas, language split wide open, it’s reigns, via a deep dive to it’s roots, firmly in hand, I started talking again.

For those 7 quiet years, I let my instruments speak for me.

And I lived in a house with no mirror. Zero self-referentiality except that which was “felt” in expanded awareness of my physicality. So much injury in pushing boundaries of physical expression.

But either in silence, or diving into the “Source”…where did sound originate from? Where did ideas transform into words? What was this amazing, powerful meeting of two rivers, the Subtle breath of the mind and the gross breath of the lungs, vulvulated by a powerfully controllable vulvally shaped valve/muscle.

The fluttering vulva….

What a dance of dimensions.

And please don’t be A-MAZED by all this, you’ll only be in a maze…

As always, for all the glorious babble of language, the anti-dote is known to all as well.

Silence IS Golden…

That’s me, on my terrace, dancing my inverted dance for Ganesh!

Vivek Chaturvedi (@aadivaahan) | Twitter
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  1. Stephen permalink
    April 30, 2021 11:25 am

    Hey Vivek – off subject, but I have to know from a man on the ground in India – what’s going on in India? Each day we have these horrid reports here in the American media about basically genocide in India, from the so called ‘covid 19’ virus. Now, I have more than researched the ‘virus’ only to find a big ‘con’, and I don’t trust the MSM any further than I can throw Mount Olympus. What’s your view? Is this just viral hype to pump the deadly vaccines??

    • April 30, 2021 6:16 pm

      It’s a bit of both Stephen. Looks like a lot of the real suffering is by those who were hexxinated late last year. but who really knows. it is being blown waaaay out of proportion by a totally lap dog media. Creeping lockdowns et. al. Fun time to be alive….

  2. peter permalink
    April 30, 2021 9:13 pm

    really in-joying these posts of late. I started reading your blog after seeing your posts on ZH sometime around 2011. what a wasteland those comment sections have become. anyway, thank you for the nutritious food for thought. are you familiar with chris knowles’ work ( you both have been touching on some similar themes with regards to the bending of language and the resulting spells and traps…even with the widespread fear and darkness we find ourselves immersed in, it seems there is a weakening of the control matrix. the spells do not feel as powerful or effective. much to consider.

    • May 6, 2021 4:51 pm

      Welcome back Peter. Yes, we saw the rise and fall of an internet phenomena, with ZH. Actually, recently, the riff raff has left and the comment section has some gems again. But not like before. I learned so much from the comment section. Anyways, what a time to reconnect, eh? Will check out chris knowles, thanks…

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