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May 6, 2021

The cycle will play out, of that you can be sure.

They always have, have they not? Great empires rose and fell, over thousands of years. Nations rose to great heights, then fell. Great technologies came and fell by the wayside. Our own lives rise and then fall.

Within our lifetimes, more cycles, cycles within cycles.

But the master cycle is relentless. No one “cheats” death, only transcends it, if at all.

Point being, master cycles, great cycles, super cycles will run their course. And the appropriate actors will come on stage and play their part. Us included.

The only “free will” within the super cycle’s un-foldment, is what part will you play in the drama?

What were you pre-disposed to play, with lineage, epi-genetics etc. What learnings led you closer to your calling?

Because if there was ever a time to find your calling, this is it.

Imagine trying to hang onto a support in a roiling ocean and that support itself (us) is on an unstable, weak and shaky foundation. That is how I lived the majority of my 55 years. Doing other’s callings.

Sometimes against my will (like my time in the Navy, with no way out) or willingly, sucking at the tasty teat of materialism.

But then, I slowed down AND shut up for long enough to hear my inner voice again. One cannot even IMAGINE the layers upon layers of nonsense white noise that the inner voice hides under.

Impossible in the midst of the grinding, groaning, whirring, hissing matrix.
Seven years of Solitude. And Psy-Lens.

And drumming, for 3-4 hours at a stretch, my faithful djembe, till there were no hands, no drum, no beat… no thing.

Finding one’s calling put’s one is synch with the cyclicals. You came here with something, added to it, substracted from it, multiplied it, divided it…. and when it’s essence is clear and your past too is present with your now just in it’s essence (weight-less), you will find your core, your throb, your reason for being.

That, fully energized, is your most effective role in the unfoldment. Any deviations are to either teach you something, make you meet someone, take or give you additional resources…etc.

GI Gurdjieff wrote of this, extensively. He called it “The time of the coming of the madness of men”, when great wars etc. are fought as an example.

The greater cycles are dense, powerful…that is why they say resistance is futile.
Can you even stop a wave?

Best you can do is surf it like a BOSS!

Ride the Waves with Urge Surfing — CBT Online

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  1. May 15, 2021 6:54 am

    Surfing the waves is a good metaphor for these times. The base, the platform, the institutions have shifted, for a few the institutions are no longer to be trusted.

    But everything is manned by people, not all authorities are convinced of what they hear from the media, not all doctors are hysterical, not all religious folks are convinced of the greatness of the vaccine or the usefulness of the “Great Reset”. For now those who want to navigate the waves differently can still find ways to navigate them.

    We can learn a thing or two from the nomads who managed to live their lives on a shifting platform of laws, private property, and modern sterile agriculture.

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