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No Laffing matter…

May 7, 2021

Laughter, sLaughter, is the WORST medicine.

Oh mama, stirring ye ole hornet’s nest. Why would any sane human say a dumb thing like that?

Laugh your blues away.

Laughter therapy for unconscious hyper-oxygenation (reaaaaaaly bad for you)…makes you feel good, light….



First thing, since we are told all truths by allegory, who “Laughs” in the fables, myths and fairy tales? Never the wise ones. Never the elevated, en-lightened ones. Always the villain and his co-horts. This is true across all religions.

I wish I was the originator of such an insight, but it was that olde master Gurdjieff. He said in one of books, “Pay attention, Jesus never laughs in the Bible. Never once. He is spoken of as smiling many times, but never once laughter”.

And then I thought through all the great Indian tales, a plethora of them, filled with characters of every sort…it was true, only the villainous laughed, usually loudly.

This present obsession with laughter is a taught/learned one. Began with laugh tracks on the radio.

Literally, the entire audience was given a cue as to what to laugh at. So simple, eh? Seinfeld and his crew used it ever so subtly to trash any and all morality from it’s adoring audience (me amongst that audience, then, back in the late 90’s).

But really same with the three stooges, Laurel and Hardy, Popeye…..All of them normalized needless violence, a slapstick lifestyle and a kind of vapid humor that peaked with the disgusting mr. bean.

Same with monty python and it’s various spawns with the morality of that time.

We’ve been pilloried with laughter.

Can you see that?

We’ve been hammered over the head with deep psychology driven stand-up comedy…. I once watched about 8 years of “Best of” from a Black comedy channel and it went from mostly clean cut jokes to absolute filth in 8 years.

And the people, me included, laughed, because the cognitive dissonance of someone being that shameless in public, saying words that would get you slapped 15 years ago, out aloud, is huge.

And your dad and mom are laughing too…freaky!

Laugh tracks have dominated Radio and TV and Radio and TV have dominated a majority of lives since the early 1900’s.

So what is laughter? Again Gurdjieff to the rescue. Laughter is a peaking of cognitive dissonance. That is how a comic with timing gets you to laugh. It’s always an anti-climax—-trigger enormous cognitive dissonance…..a large amount of energy builds up that needs quick release to bring the brain back to balance.

Of course this brilliantly envisioned body uses the breath as the fastest and most powerful means to release energy. In bursts…. Laughter…

I’ve known this for about 16 years and have observed people deeply. The one’s with the deepest issues or internal splits, laugh the loudest and longest.

There is good reason that when laughter reaches it’s zenith, it sounds just like a gasping wail. Laughter is SLaughter.

But that inner gurgle, source feeling vibrational mirth, a spontaneous outpouring, is different.

I think the subtle among you will know exactly what I mean.

If equanimity, or mental stability is paramount in these weird, slippery times, may I suggest a laughter-fast?B

y the way, the letter J is a recent introduction to the Aleh-Bet. As in maybe 400 or so years old. What does that make Jesus? Ioses. Julius? Iulius…

And our Joke? A YOKE….a BAIT and SWITCH!


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