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May 9, 2021


Used to be the most natural thing.

In simpler, less mental times, there was a natural and large polarity between the sexes. You did not need 50 shades of Grey to get it up/wet…. that was the natural state.

But not like this. Not this rabbit like need to fornicate. This has been the result of a lot of programming AND, far more importantly as it turns out, too much un-natural light in our lives.

Literally, Spring sprang, loins melted, poles were raised….inside and out, it was merry+sexy season. After a cold winter of being covered up, hooray.

But this near 24X7 light smog has thrown our brain/body’s circadian rhythm right outta whack.

We are melatonin starved because it’s always light.

Even a phone’s blinking light is like a beacon in a dark room. And we are creatures of colour, light and frequency and thus deeply affected by it…

Then another programmed switchroo was lovemaking as a pre-sleep ritual. Worst time possible, but often the only time debt slaves really had.

Tired by the day’s work, food still sitting heavy in the belly, sleep is the most natural state. But TV you were watching got you all riled up, subtly of course….A

ll that suggestive sexiness on sitcoms and programs. Teddies and Santa’s and poles and what not.

Early morning is when the sap rises, most men have a natural erection as well, all concerned are relaxed…. but no.

Giddyup to an alarm.

Shit/Shag/Shave/Shampoo (this was the joke in the Navy), wolf down some calories and run.

Huge inversion. Tired men could not perform. Then tired and PTSD’d men could perform even less.

Meanwhile, the ill effects of the “Pill” were starting to kick in, all manner of reproductive and other hormonal havoc on the women who took it. This explosion of breast cancers is largely due to this .

Now you can buy Ru-486 over the counter in India.

Oops, no worries, pop a pill….hormonal HAVOC, enough to abort a pregnancy…. collateral damage be damned.

Just when the men, now even porn-worn, were simply flagging, along came Bob Dole and Viagra. Brilliant marketing, all vets with PTSD have ED….limp wrist globalist Dole sold a really harmful drug to his fellow vets … and it, pardon the pun, exploded.

You know where? in war zones. Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan…. generations of men terrorized by wars visited upon them…needed help.


That made me think of all the children born with the help of Viagra.

Suddenly you had the father, the son, the holy ghost AND sildenafil citrate.

Some shady alchemy there, at least to my eyes.

And then the tights. Women worldwide were bombarded with Tights=Sexy.

A trend that began with the 60’s generation has led finally to today, women who would cluck cluck at ancient chinese people putting their daughter’s feet in wooden clogs to keep them small but then buy their little girls bra and panties, and the boys tighty whities…..tight, shit enclosing diapers before that.

Then the girls enter a perma-tights phase it seems. Till they are 70 or dead or whatever.So bad for you in every way, for your skin, cleansing, circulation….but most of all, hips have disappeared. Breasts have disappeared.

Squeezed out of existence. People give shocked looks at Victorian corset, while wearing every manner of skin hugging garment possible.

Thongs even got into ladies’ asses, but they did not care. What an un-natural pressure curve for a woman. But there you are.

These are all direct assaults on human reproductivity.

Know what else narrowed hips due to a lifetime of wearing tights has done in India? 20+% of all child births in India are C-Sections. By the way, if you are born of a Cesarean Section, who do you think you belong to?

Anyways, the assault continues in so many ways it’s mind boggling.

Porn all over the place, morality destroying games, movies are all the rage…The system pushes you to overuse your most potent resource.

I have a lot more to point out about this.

Next time 😉

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