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May 11, 2021

Your AUTHORity flows from your being the AU-THOR of your own life story.

Au-THOR : The Golden Hammer

When you do anything with Au-Thor-ity, things happen, your word moves people and your will moves resources into action.

We are born to inherit our authority from our parents at the typical ages of 18-21 years, that time being our 3 developmental cycles of 7 and 6 years.

If the only thing a good parent did was to ensure that their child grew up into a being that could shoulder that self-authority, a job well done. That person can literally and figuratively take on the world.

This is what rites of passage in all ancient traditions were about.

I come from a Brahminical family of the highest cast. Pretty phenomenal epigenetics, since my 4 fathers knew all four Vedas, 4 huge, dense books, VERBATIM.

Legend goes that some of them knew them back-words and for-words.

That way, if one started a recitation forward and the other backwards, a certain rhythm is set up, which is monitored by a third man (yes, all men)…. that was to make sure, an algorythm, literally, to ensure that this spoken tradition was never corrupted.

In 2-3 generations before mine, 4 years of intense Vedic studies from 14-18, a time of strict self control, especially sexual urges, were deemed necessary. You learned, very early on, how precious your seed was. How magical is that? And sure enough, you did a recitation and argued the fine points of your study with the elders and got the proverbial nod to go for higher studies or a temple or whatever.

Women of course come with their continuous rites of passage built into their biological cycles.

So your AUTHORity flowed for amplified epigenetics overlaid with deep practice and effort.

And so, when you are an Authority, then people want your AUTO-GRAPH. Not your signature, your auto-graph.

And notice how dramatic and expansive all autographs are? Huge.

Now look at all the signatures we are made to do. In tinier and tinier boxes.

“No line outside the box”….

While an authority figure scrawls huge letters across your precious race card, entry ticket….whatever.

And that is why everyone is encouraged to “Think outside the BOX”….


It’s all a game, or even better, like an open book exam. All the answers are there, to be found, hidden in plain sight or parable!

It Behooves (oh yes, little diversion, lookit that word, if anything behooves us, we are hoofed creatures, ne? The continuous push into beast state)…..

So yes, it befeets us to find our authoritative voice and to wield our golden hammer like-wise.

Those are the two pillars of the manifestation game…

Golden Hammer Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock
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