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Influenced yet?

May 13, 2021

The fact that every “Influencer” has to act like they have a 9V battery up their ass when they talk on camera is gag-inducing and says a LOT about their intended audience.

Other side of the coin is that “they” want people to start behaving in this odd, over active fashion on camera and in real life…and so push these influencers in all their chosen and owned channels.

Either way, it’s pretty pathetic to observe and think about what it says as to where we are at.

Was just discussing similar things with a couple friend, the lady a firebrand “new pedagogy” teacher, him a hereditary land owner….was reminded of the famous Tennessee 8th graders test that appeared on line, which I would have failed miserably.

Interesting that as externalized vibrations have grown (all things electrical, which is now, of course, like a prison grid of harmful frequencies)….. our own internal vibration has collectively fallen.

Just like with the externalization of our innate divinity…. it’s been a net-negative for us, and pretty good to the externalized forms, if you see their wealth, grandeur, splendor etc.

It seems that we have to resist this relentless drag into an artificial construct with every fiber of our beings.

Now more than ever.

More and more, every day, you see Baudrillard’s vision come to life and reality fades and the map becomes brilliant, detailed, immersive, irresistible.

External resistance IS futile.

Inner resistance builds heat…Tapas 😉

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  1. May 15, 2021 6:42 am

    Some influencers weep, some work themselves into a rage. But they all work on the same premise, the bigger the mob behind them, the more holy their agenda is.

    There is also a decoupling. Some people cannot relate to the hysterical media, the hysterical news casters, the hysterical scientists, science and experts, the hysterical authorities (judges, presidents, prime ministers, health ministers, and associated bureaucratic organizations). The hysterical hypochondriacs get widespread coverage, but the wise who want to take a step back, understand the big picture, and act appropriately have become enemies of humanity.

    Scam times with real consequences. The harsh chemicals sprayed everywhere, non-stop hand washing with aggressive chemicals , masking (double and triple), staying home unemployed, plastic PPEs in hot weather, tests with a sharp poke up the nose, all manner of synthetic drugs including steroids pushed as cures, overuse of oxygen, and ventilators, people cramped without reason in hospitals and quarantine facilities, “vaccines”, and media-generated fear – it has become a deadly mix, we are starting to see people die. And yet there may not even be a virus.

    Before colonial days, cholera was a minor illness with many herbal ways to treat it. But during colonial times peoples’ livelihoods were destroyed, they can’t cultivate or graze because it is government property, they can’t use the water from some well or pond, because it is private, they can’t cultivate some crop, because the government favors some other cash crop, and a bunch of restrictions. People couldn’t live as they were used to, they became unhealthy and cholera became a major illness to be feared.

    We have to be influenced by the influenced influencers, and go out and influence the uninfluenced. We have become people of influence!

    • May 15, 2021 6:51 am

      Well said all around brother. We really are UNDER the influence of devious influencers…and for a long time at that. Far before “Social” media, with the dominant media of the time…

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