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Juggling Life!

May 14, 2021

Face it, every body wants to be RIGHT.

All the time. Every single time.

Would you ever want to be LEFT?

Errrr……Sinistram? ooooh, whassat?

The root of the word Sinister, or the Latin Sinistram is LEFT?

What about WRONG?


What is UP with that?

I think I’ve said this before, but the most obvious sign that someone or something made Omni Humanity take a HARD RIGHT, with some deep anti-Left programming, is the statistically impossible fact that 90% of the world is RIGHT Handed.

And of course all of us know that the Right hand and general Right motor system is controlled by the Left brain.

The orderly brain, the database brain, the mechanical brain, the Binary brain, the LAWgical brain… effect, the brain that would naturally take to a digital, binary based life.

Even forgetting all the transhumanistic implications of this rather staggering elephaunt in the room, a surprisingly small number of people in the world are genuinely, completely ambidextreous.

I say this as a person who strongly believe I am a natural left hander, gently but firmly guided in my early childhood, to conform to the right handed majority.
Luckily for me, I was given the gift of music and playing Guitar or drums involves an innate ambidextrousness. But there is still completely a dominant hand.

So I felt this imbalance all my life and somehow knew that my being able to physically juggle would be a big piece of the puzzle.

Yup, those were the no internet daze, so I squished many oranges, broke a few eggs, definitely hurt my toes with falling stones….but I just could not get it.

And then one day, with a little help from a friend, I did.

And that day, I became truly ambidextrous. Such a relief.

I also keep challenging my left hand, writing, autographing, drawing…..but again, it is well exercised in strength and variety with the guitar.

Why all this? What’s the import?

That the fastest way for you to find your center at this point, in a turbulent time/age, is from the outside in. To be able to Juggle life’s plates within, it helps to be able to juggle them without.

The three ball juggle was my portal and though it feels really easy now, it’s still a thrill to take three vastly dissimilar objects and make them dance.

As without, so within. Maybe your thing is Mirror writing, or painting with your left hand.

See too how they push us and push us and push us in a desired direction.

Di-Rect… Divided Rect Angle, Right Angle…

You are RIGHT if you are CorRect (Cor: With, Rect : Right Angle)

If you are Right, you have RECT-itude

Your RECT-um? Yes, it has a 90 Degree turn, which is why the squatting position is a natural way to poop. It opens the Rect-gate in your Rect-um.

That’s RIGHT!

So are your deals all SQUARE?

Are you on the LEVEL (Right with all things)…

How are your Three SQUARE meals a day?

See all that is RIGHT is Cor-Rect, has Rect-itude, is RECT-ifiable, you rectum controls your life, literally, imagine an outta control rect-ummmmmm…..(it gives the appropriate pause…..)….

Whereas LEFT is Sinister, is left behind, is BeReft, is Left Over…

You see, only a Left brain wishing to continue to exert it’s dominance, would de-sign such a language, full of slippery slopes and double, triple or even quadruple entendres . Inversions, downward pulling, like Fall-lowers…..

Undertakings and end-evers?

First there was the WORD my friends, I cannot over-stress this.

Train your mind to get beyond the split they have us in. A unified minds unzips the code constantly, it’s really true.

Train your non-dominant side with fun ways to link it with your brain/mind, musculature and skeletal system.

It will bring your presently not contributing brain into the mix. More art for the engineers and more order for the artist. Definitely more balance for all…

It’s the blend we need to not suck-seed.


The picture below was me about 3 years into juggling, probably 1998 or 9, walking a california beach with my dear friend Debbie Muga, and we met this magical man, learning chinese at the army school of languages there.

Within minutes he was juggling, amazingly and when I told him about my rather beginner level skills, he invited me to juggle with him.

It was magical and Debbie, who is a fantastic photographer, caught the perfection of it 🙂

Left Right Left……Left, left, Left right left….

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  1. marina permalink
    May 18, 2021 1:28 am

    “Hail to the juggler
    old spider fingers aweave
    flying pieces of time
    caught in his web
    Keeps pace with our dreams
    from heart to sky
    returning as the sun’s arc
    Watches them flutter
    waxen wings melt
    catches their essence
    measures, throws again
    Bravo to that jester
    who gathers the frayed edges
    of lives and dreams,
    to their groundings ”

    Thank you for your livity, Vivek.

    • May 18, 2021 6:55 am

      Such a lovely and deep poem that Marina aka MQ! 🙂 I think juggling is a sacred art….

      • marina permalink
        May 18, 2021 8:18 pm

        Sacred art of design and balance, yes
        pan ku and his axe
        the weavers of word
        and ‘like them that dream’, we dance our parts in this little drama
        living for the uncertainty, the falling
        thriving on what is precarious, in spite of our denial

        juggle on, the one inside and the one outside!
        that is your magic …


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