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Fasting Soundly!

May 15, 2021

I’ve reached an interesting place.

I absolutely abhor some of the things I used to love, like classic rock as an example.

I heard some 12 year old whiz kid banging out A Led Zepplin song in note to tone perfection and I was feeling:

a) So bad for that child, that he was saying words he had idea about, in terms of their import. Aaaaaah aaaaah aaaaah aaaaah, aaaaah aaaah aaaaah aaaaah….I think you know the song….

b) Repulsed by the grating beat/bass, the too sharp and wailing guitar, all the blues blues blues all the time….. all of them make me feel that way now. Neutral at best, repulsed at worst. I can still listen to pink Floyd/Crosby Stills and Nash/Simon and Garfunkel with some degree of wonder, but anyways…Being that I have really taken a deep dive into sound, as a practice (toning, singing), as a deep meditation (Aum and Mantr) and of course, to use language like a master swordsman, not a bumbling novice; I consider myself a self taught (though very inspired by many actual teachers) Naad Yogi, Naad is the Unstruck sound, the ultimate paradox…. and I can say by direct experience and visible and palpable effects, that our “Sound Eating” should be paid as much or more attention to than what does into our mouths.

I also feel it’s worth turning these dissonant sounds/words from our lives at the very least, like a fast. Popular songs cut deep grooves into our minds/psyches as evidenced by the fact that a simple hook can bring back the entire song, word for word, note for note.

Imagine carrying the deep groove of even 50 songs…all dissonant, emblazoned into our mind-stuff… all part of the constant background chaos that drowns out our finer everythings.

As this highly produced and clearly downward pulling “music” left my sound and mind scape, I found my own tone. And I do own it. And my own rhythm. And the why and how of both those were closely linked to my actual physical structure and how my heart pulsed.

Pretty magical I’ll have to say.

So fast from produced media for 21 daze? No songs, no movies, no sick cartoons…nothing…. first, if you are a big consumer, you now have 21X2 = 42 hours of spare waking time to do something with your self.

Heck people are piling up on line certifications by the hour, imagine the possibilities.

If I had your undivided attention for 42 hours, I’d have you playing your first song on a guitar.

Always happy to open some doors of your perception to possibilities, which really are unending 🙂 Let me know if you need suggestions…

Meanwhile remember Shastriya Sangeet, Gregorian Chants, The awe inspiring Buddhist Sutra recitation by a 1000 monks, the Hun Hur Tu…..

An AUdible cleanse, how about it?

I’ve been on one for 18 years now 🙂

The wild symbolism of the image be-low is a tell, eh? In so many dimensions…..

The end of an era.

The fire of purification.

The Penis (Spine) erect and turgid, with the seed of what would come next…on and on….

The A and O,…

the Alpha and the OMega…

May be an image of text
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  1. Daveed Benjamin permalink
    May 15, 2021 6:00 pm

    Hey there! I hadn’t thought about it, but I have a personal sound and rhythm. The sound is a variant of Ohhh that comes out naturally when I tell me myself to make a sound. Same with the rhythm. I think I first recall it in a old song we used to play called “the Beat Goes On” (not the whispers LOL).

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