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Light at the TOP!

May 17, 2021

Sometimes, obvious is obvious, Hmmmm?

The way this realm is set up, the higher you go, the less you can carry.
The sherpa on Mt. Everest can carry 2-3 cylinders of oxy-gen at most.

The lower down you come, the more stuff. Tents, sleeping bags, food, extra clothes.

Then beds, extra rooms, kitchen full of pots and pans, then heavy houses built of mud and stone and concrete and all the attendant heaviness that goes with it….Furniture, vehicles…..on and on….

In an as with-in so with-out world, it works the same way in what, for convenience, let us call spiritual ascension.

The “higher” you go, the less you will/can/desire to carry. Higher still and a sense of general detachment to all things and people and places comes in. Luckily, so does your ability to love unconditionally and without attachment.

The higher you go, the usually skittish wild animals feel safe/calm around you. Your zone of action and reaction is so close to being outside this realm, that there is no threat emanating from you.

I remember, for so many years, resisting the call of going higher. I drank a lot, played a lot, wanted to be materially material and always telling myself that the dry/drab looking life of asceticism was not for an extrovert like me.

Was I wrong on that count, big time.

The air up there is called rare for a reason.

Your senses become, as they should, so sensitive that a single piece of fruit can keep you in ecstasy for hours. A little of everything goes a long way. The “Wonder” muscle is strengthened….. so many ways life becomes filled with gratitude.

I hope the import and export of what’s being implied above is clear without explicit elucidation?

The eye of the needle is at the end of the narrow Road 😉

What is Enlightenment?. Enlightenment is a funny word. It has… | by Derrick  Jones | Words, Ideas, Thoughts | Medium
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