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Knock Knock…It’s all lies!

May 21, 2021

So this has come knocking into my space and asked to be said.

And it resonates, so here it is. A stream of consciousness……pardon the ramble 😉

All the great stories we have been sold(told) about great wars being fought over a single woman, are all blatant lies or just pure fiction.

The hand that is puppeteering this current show has had it out for the real feminine for a long time. So scared are they of the original G, the big G, the ProGenerater, the Creatrix, the X that marks THE G Spot.

What better way to demean it than to attach it’s mysterious Beauty Power with oversold tales of giant passion, ensuing death and destruction, just for these two people to be able to have legal sex?

Wait, there is more. There is also a narrative being pushed to show our ancestors to be somehow more uncivilized, feral, slave to their passions…ransacking entire kingdoms, killing thousands…all over beauty and sex? And thus make our thin veneer technological civilization seem somehow more civilized. I mean, how much more civilized can it get that western allopathic medicine get’s to practice white-coat murder (iatrogenic deaths) in plain sight….

Heck, I was lucky enough to get a good sentient decade and a half with my great grand parents…. they, and their entire extended generations were just different, you know? They exuded a different understanding of the world, a depth, a maturity, a waaaaaaaaay slower pace…..most obviously waaaay above their root chakras in every way…. Pious….clean, smelt so good 🙂

And this is just in my life time. Just imagine their grand parents. Those were some serious-life people. Not easy to be pushed around, at all. Aflame with the confidence of their knowledge of the holy books. Really something to behold that confidence.

And two generations before that were the men who knew all four books verbatim, literally and figuratively…

And you are telling me that with these kind of known ancestors in just the last 100 years, that a millenia or more ago, people went to fight for a king, possibly die, or perhaps rape, pillage and loot….just so he could get a woman?

Helen of Troy? A great parable, yes, but a reality? No way.

Those were the people that were busy building the great monuments that we stand in awe of today.

Those monuments got built in TIMES OF MUCH GREATER RESONANCE.

That is why our modern monuments are ghastly stabs of steel and glass, just engineered to go higher, a dying grasp of the cabal of babel for the hand of god.

Modern UnArchitecture is speaks to the lack of resonance in todays world.

So, to close the loop, because I could go on….

In our very near and known history, people lived lives that were deeper, rooted, devout, sensible, natural, unfearing….etc.

These were not people who would go fight a war over a woman for their king. All of these great stories have been made to jezbel-ize feminine energy in the minds of men. And it’s clearly worked.

I say we kick all this to the kerb, search for the essence of what has survived and vibrate it up again.

Oh, and given the amount of ritual and the constant rites and acts of purification, it’s very safe to say that these people did not live in their root chakras, at all. I saw it. Any my grandfather lived to be 96. Maternal Great grandfather lived to be 97….

I am, unabashedly, the great Anti-Roman-Tic…

The Anti-Date to a Dote!


This was a 150 years ago. Even the way you dressed allowed a certain pace to your life…which is why the machine has everyone in tights.

Oh, and while we are at it, when adn why did men give up wearing headgear, SO MUCH a part of every older culture and fashion. World over….

Brahmin Family from the 1850’s…I don’t think you messed with them… 🙂

May be an image of 6 people, child and people standing
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  1. May 24, 2021 5:01 pm

    I was surprised to learn that T Krishnamacharya, father of modern Yoga during his early years was using Yoga to train Mysore Maharaja’s troops. In fact BKS Iyengar, one of his famous students, refers to the military background of Krishnamacharya’s Yoga, and how his guru made him do a split without preparation, spraining his muscles. BKS Iyengar softened Yoga, removed the aggressive “jumps” and made it accessible to a wider audience.

    The human form has changed with overuse of technology, processed foods, modern medicine and synthetic clothes.

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