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Fire in the Sushumna!

May 23, 2021


So, all around me, I find people who have had their “Kundalini Awakenings”.

Breathless exchanges of tinglings here and buZZings there…. if only the process was so simple… yet far more powerful men/women of yore did deep practices, went into the jungles/mountains, spent years and years in Sandhya/Kriya….

And yet, we’ve been made to believe that somehow, in this most polluted of times, in every sense of the word, there is somehow a special dispensation for us and that we can, with simple imaginings, some breath-work, maybe a whole lotta DMT/Aya, can somehow bound up the ladder of ascension.

I have been through the cycles of awakening and the inevitable fall because it was never built on a strong foundation.

Then I got the message from Devi herself, that this is all futile without having a pure vessel.

And when Devi means pure (Shuddh) she means PURE.

Root level, elemental purification is called Bhut Shuddhi.

A simple analogy….if your flute is full of mud, what tunes will you play on it?

From the perspective I’ve been given, if you are not working on purifying yourself as step one, you will rise only to fall again and again. And you will hurt yourself more and more in the process, getting further and further out of alignment and the possibility of a true awakening.

Luckily, the required purification is quite obvious, but really a long process. A life time of gunk will take many years to cleanse. And no, a real guru cannot give you this now easily handed out “Shaktipath” and jump start your process. If someone tells you they can, they are lying to you.

It takes doing and more doing, release and more release, fasting, kriyas. all of it.
Else, you are selling yourself short and will definitely be lost in this forest again and again.

Get real.

They say the most difficult task for any human is a true, honest self-assessment.

You think you have a stronger game going than, say, Osho? Look at his life and how miserably he died. And he was an awakened master…

All your tinglings and vibrations are the self fooling the self.

Bhut shuddhi is step one.

Fire or Ice? 😉

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  1. May 24, 2021 5:11 pm

    Purify through ice? Is that possible?
    Many “gurus” claimed that they have “raised kundalini”, may be they did actually raise it, and then fell back into a rut.
    It is hard to come out of the comfort, tedium and heaviness of routine. To fast, purify and make one’s heart as light as a feather, if it were that easy as it sounds.

    • May 27, 2021 6:38 pm

      In the ice you build tapas. In the heat you build sheetal energy. But those are the two transformative modes. Air and Earth are enablers, participants… are fortunate to be on land….

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