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Meridian Prime…

May 25, 2021

Why TF do we blindly accept the PRIME MERIDIAN as we’ve been sold it, in Europe? Are people even aware of the wars fought over it?

The great Anglo/French battles were primarily over who “Owns” the prime Meridian.

Used to be in Paris, magical, occult city. Forcibly moved to the UK.
Earlier, France was looting/raping/Pillaging the world.

Suddenly the UK became the land where the sun never sets (yes yes, I know, empire wise, but the truth is WHO OWNED THE PRIME MERIDIAN) and took said rape/pillage to the next level.

This is more time-lord battling.

GMT and the world’s C-Locks revolve around IT.

Please note the KEY year of 1666 when all this malarkey was happening.
Geodesics, ley lines, time…. C?

Below is how you roll out a mega occult ceremony to try and take over the world without firing a shot.

The astronomers of the French Academy of Sciences, founded in 1666, managed to clarify the position of El Hierro relative to the meridian of Paris, which gradually supplanted the Ferro meridian.

In 1666, Louis XIV of France had authorized the building of the Paris Observatory.

On Midsummer’s Day 1667, members of the Academy of Sciences traced the future building’s outline on a plot outside town near the Port Royal abbey, with Paris meridian exactly bisecting the site north-south.

French cartographers would use it as their prime meridian for more than 200 years.

Old maps from continental Europe often have a common grid with Paris degrees at the top and Ferro degrees offset by 20 at the bottom.

The Meridian Room in Paris…

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  1. recyprocate permalink
    May 25, 2021 10:23 pm

    Been reading and enjoying your work for about 10 years now. GMT, Gregorian Calendar, King James Bible, English Language, Spear Shakers…all related. There is a genius to their evil. This theater has been going on for so long its like a movie franchise with endless sequels. Why end it when it is so much more profitable to perpetuate. The covid stockholm syndrome pretty much burst my bubble for having faith in humanity. Oh well, all heroes die. Placing faith in humanity was probably misguided in the first place!

    • May 27, 2021 5:52 pm

      Thanks for recyprocating recyprocate. Yes indeed, the web is dense, many layered, brilliantly monitored, secret societies, backrooms galore…I will happily watch it all come down like the house of cards it is…in is the only really nice way right now…

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