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Resistance is Futile!

May 27, 2021

Resistance IS Futile….

Most useless part of any circuit from an energy perspective, it just burns up power and releases it in the form of heat.

And that heat has to be absorbed away from the system so as to not overheat things.

Electronics, no surprise here, is totally analogous to biology, our life etc. in a very fractal and one-to one manner.

So in any system, which has a perfect electrical analouge (some group of people are the creators (battery), some people are the modifiers (transistors), some or all are consumers (resistors) etc., some are the transports (Interestingly called Buses), and then there are the mechanical systems, also similarly analogous)).

Everywhere, you want to have the LEAST RESISTANCE POSSIBLE.

The frictionless system.

So, in a perfect analouge to “Protests” and such forms of resistance, we individually and collectively lose power and very little, if anything is gained, especially in the long terms.

The loving sixties did nothing to quell America’s appetite for war in the coming decades, it perhaps helped end a brutally unjust Vietnam war by a little bit, if any.

Resistance is futile.

The finest martial artist I have ever known in person, was an older Chinese student in my MBA course in the US. He was perhaps 63, looked like he was made from porcelain, was a Tai Chi master and you COULD NOT lay a finger on him if he did not want you to.

Tai Chi is the super-conductive, zero resistance martial art…all rotational, oval flow patterns…. his hands were everywhere at once, always forcefully but gently guiding my boxing/jabbing hands away. And I was trying….my hardest.

So this is the reason why we’ve always been told Resistance is futile, but not why….

Just disconnect from the system to the extent possible….. and guide the unwanted firmly away….

But like any other skill, it takes practice 😉

Just remember, RESISTANCE is FUTILE!!!

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  1. Inthemix96 permalink
    May 28, 2021 6:44 am

    Hello Vivek my old friend.
    I was just looking through my bookmark tab, which by the way I never check on, perhaps once a year tops and came across your blog in there. Needless to say I felt compelled to call in and wish you well. You my friend are a wise one, what we call here, a ‘Good Egg’. And you write wise words indeed. The path of least resistance is indeed the way forward, I will say though, you need a bit under your wings before you finally realise, that real eyes, realise, real lies.

    You feel like taking everyone of the swines on personally, and in my case I did, all the way to the ‘Court of Protection’. We won, if that makes a happeth a difference I will never know as it didn’t matter in the end eh? You have to turn your back, or the other cheek and disengage with the poison, that if you are not careful, will destroy you as well.

    Our big ball of whatever it is on a final note Vivek, has transitioned into the full age of Aquarius so I have read. Apparently, we are resonating at a much higher frequency along with her. As I have said many a time my friend, we win in the end, I can feel it all the way into me toes. I bid you farewell for the time being Vivek. I wish you and all your family well, wise words you do indeed write.


  2. Stephen permalink
    May 28, 2021 5:02 pm

    Having lived through the 60’s here in America, I always thought the Vietnam War protests were useless. The war continued on long after the protests reached a fever pitch in 1968. Yes, disengagement is key. Thanks for reminding us – as usual, you guide us in a gentle but clear way!

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