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Behind the Big Blue…

June 8, 2021

Even notice that our physical limits are Blue?

Blue Sky and deep Blue Sea.

We can make but shallow dives and soars into either minus our machines.


And of course it goes deeper.

The throat Chakr, known as the Vishuddhi Chakr, is Blue. Vishuddhi means Ultra Purification.

So whatever passes through a functioning Vishuddhi Chakra is the sublimation of speech into the electro-etheric stuff of thoughts, further sublimated into a single tone and then into silence. But it is the silence of the unstruck sound, the Anahata, the heart Chakr.

Of course it has to be a paradox, if it was explainable in this tongue, it would be here.

Anyways, back to the point, Ultra Purified matter will only pass through a fully functioning Vishuddhi Chakr.

And then see our collective voice…..the loudest ones, the lying media, the lying corporate honchos, the lying bankers, the lying newsmen and women and things….

Think of how many lies are told in todays world. The entire commercial complex is a complex of lies.

Stuck at Blue.

So the only way to open your Vishuddhi Chakr is to start living in Sat (The IS, Now, Here ness), which is most of Satya (Truth)….

And you can take it from me, or not, but that truth needs speaking by a pure tongue, from a pure heart, from a pure Hara (Solar Plexus)….the 7 step inner alchemical distillation of life force (Ojas or the essence of semen in men and controlled ovulation by women) into Essential Silence.

Cannot be hunched, slouched, doubtful, unsure, hesitant, scheming….none of that.

It is Don Juan’s TOTALITY. Nothing less.

Beyond The Blue lies Indigo, the deep blackness ringed by light like the annulus of a total Solar Eclipse. Ajna Chakr…

And then the Violent Violet, because that final release is not easy. It’s not flowers and hosannas…it’s the wielding of the sword that Miyamoto Musashi spoke about….Instantaneous, spontaneous, complete….

That’s totality Squared, like 110%

Courage is the muscle that wields that sword….

What is the courage muscle and how do you work it?

Sit on that one for a bit 😉

The heaven’s show us the way, so often…

Ajna Chakr!

Total Solar Eclipse (2017) - YouTube
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