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Absolutely Relative…

June 11, 2021

Gender/Sexual/Identity crises happening right now is no coincidence.

As a time of “Absolutes” comes up, they have people drowning in the “Relative” goop.

Living in the “relative” is easy. One can always scoot into a convenient corner. Like a chameleon, one is free to change colours, beliefs, patterns, sexes…..anything at all…. to be safe or un-attacked.

But then the old adage kicks in first…If you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything and everything.

And so, as the un-veiling happens, it happens at every level. Everything is going to be exposed, INCLUDING US!

How could it be any other way? Apo-Calypso is for all and everything.

The great wheel enters new territory, the old rules don’t work here. Old skin is not needed here. Saturn, upcoming is the snapback to order. But not order in the sense of stuckness and immovability.

Order in the sense of the grand order, on which this sentient universe we experience has been built.

All the “relative” shite that began with Jewsuit science, Ein-Shit-Stein and relativity (your just a speck on a speck on a speck, so you do not matter) right down to hey, gender is relative, culture is relative , you are relatively meaningless in the grand scheme…. the great jewsuit lie of history, language, science, engineering….It’s all coming crashing down.

Absolute anyways means Ab-Solute, the perfect Solvent.

We may or may not live to see it (though I suspect we will) but we are in the “one” or the larger re-set, the re-set that wipes out this corrosive layer of relative nothing-ness …

And we have a Tabula Rasa, to once again sing our songs.

In the grand debate of objective vs. subjective, the great stone monuments stand in mute testimony to what “wins” in the end.

May be an image of temple
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