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Sense It ivity!

June 14, 2021

An animal in his natural habitat, is almost always on.

Even sleeping, half an ear is cocked, trained to hear specific sounds that might suggest a threat.

Ever noticed a deer when they are at ease and eating grass, in a herd. Their tails move constantly. Back and forth, back and forth.

I heard, on KPFA, decades ago, a brilliant young biologist/botanist/researcher, who had studied PTSD in humans and animals, describe that the shaking of the tail was for the constant release of nervous energy that the deer had to build up in waves…always alert to TAKE OFF! 10-15 feet in the first bound….but for all the times it does not get used, it “shakes” it off through it’s ever twitching tail.

Humans, he averred, had lost all such mechanisms to balance out their hormones.

Our adrenaline control valve is completely out of whack.


Simple, the harder we built our shells (Houses/Cars/Clothes, Boots etc.), the softer we became. Like a tortoise, it’s obvious and makes most sense to have a soft, pliable interior in a hard shell.

And in the process, with our interaction with ever smoother surfaces, gone is the tactile hapticness of touch.

Here is an interesting mental exercise, and please take a few seconds to close your eyes and do it.

Imagine, for as many seconds as you can legitimately hold the vision, that your sense of smell suddenly became a superpower, like a dog’s. Of you could see like a cat or an eagle.

Now think of the time you’ve seen a cat “Pussyfoot” over a path full of loud crunchy, dry leaves and make not a sound. Imagine the feel in those paws. Now imagine you felt the world with that much spectrum/intensity/finesse.

Any one of those would change our ENTIRE existence.

That is how much technology has de-sensitized us and given us petroleum based, “Haptic” pretenders in return for feel, machine designed perfumes for smell, noise cancellation headphones for the grind….I or you could go on.

Hyper-sensitivity or extra-sensory perception can only come AFTER our sensory perception is operating at designed optimum…

Aside from trying to build physical strength, we should work too on refining our senses. Like everything else, refinement is a practice, usually of heating and cooling, and beating….in cycles 🙂

It takes doing.

The great instrumentalists have hyper sensory touch, so they can tease their instrument, while others merely play.

Imagine where this would take love making. Every contact feeling like the first contact, because your environment or your practice demand that you stay hyper sensory.

And the first step in refinement is to stop pouring new toxins in to the mix. What we hear, smell, Eat, Look at, ponder, Drink…..

But we all know that.

Imagine, too, that you had perfect control on your adrenaline control valve, so no situation would ever overwhelm you. All animals have it.

Fully into what they are doing, fully aware, pushing boundaries of pain and tolerance…

We would lose a lot of our fear if we had control of our ACV.

We are fearful because we hardly ever react with the correct hormone proportions flowing through our blood.

It’s all off. We have totally changed our threat perception index by building sturdy shells around ourselves.

Okkkay, I’m drifting, but you get my drift, so I’ll just


May be an image of skydiving and sky
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