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The Edge of Exist-Tense!

June 18, 2021

The journey in-wards (in-words) is THE journey every “Arrived” soul, what we call bodhisattvas, have spoken of, shared about, made millions of parables and idioms to explain…..

And yet, in what is very much a sign of the times, we have externalized everything. Our most intimate thoughts are externalized right here as an example.

Hindus deify external gods, so much. All day, every day, bowing and scraping in front of externalized gods. And then saying Aham Brahasmi (I am Brahma).Tat tvam asi (Thout art that)…. what greater “hint” do we need to see where they are pointing to for the source of all divinity?

Even the bible, with all it’s coded parables, is basically an astrotheological telling of the Awakening process, where our essence (Veera, Ojas, Shukra (Venus)) is alchemically sublimated up the seven Refinements. The book of revelation is the telling of the process of full Kundalini Awakening.

As without so with-in…. even that tells us that all we are worshipping on the outside is to be equally worshipped within.

Point being that everything points to an inward journey bringing the sweet attainment that this life was given to us for. As is clear all around us, life is NOT a lazy float down-river, but a Salmon-esque, gravity/density defying swim upstream.

Those hungry bears are the things that send you tumbling down the hill.

I’m sure you see the analogy.

The thing that I realized, just today, is that in some ways, this journey in is like going to the tight (winding in) journey on a coiled spring.

As you go deeper, it gets denser and tighter. Imagine, if you can, the amount of density held at the core of this coiled spring of life, that it sustains for our lifespan.

When the gordian knot that holds that center opens, the coil, un-coils and we get, so to speak, de-spirited.

Imagine then, what it will take, in terms of whatever force it is that is used to go in….to go, PUSH into that denser and denser space….

And that Gordian Knot is a place in our body, obviously connected to our umbilical cord…still there, holding it (our Spirited life) together.

That core was set when the FLASH of conception occurred.

Given the immense force held in that knot/space, it’s no walk in the part to get there. All the extreme physical arts try to bring the entirety of self into a single point.

There is no la dee dah, I’ll just saunter into enlightenment path. Regardless of your awesome karmic past, it’s in the reaching that final Density/Destiny part that you ‘broke” …. and you’re back, another try at building that much life force going inwards.

Can you imagine how self-empowering such a process is?

We can see the results of this externalized in narcissism and body building etc. and internalized, giving the person an Aura/Charisma and an ease of being…

This was “revealed” to me very clearly 17 years ago and has been my personal practice. It’s the hardest Un-work I do. It’s a singular goal, I want to touch, with all my senses simultaneously, that Gordian knot.

There is a “Practice” for this…Very enlightening…

The inward (Word) path my frenz. Yes, I know, I used a LOT of buzz speak there, but some of it so apt.

Why word?

Why has the hardest and yet seemingly un-solvable quest been the search for the lost WORD?

Because that name is un-utterable, that concept is un-describable and the riddle is meant to be un-solvable.

Till it isn’t.

And the path to the answer is the coiling spring with-in.

This, is edge of existence…

Figure-8 Klein bottle animation | Klein bottle, Geometric 3d, Geometric
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