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June 19, 2021

Imagine having endless silences with your world.

Imagine the power of never spurting, blurting, often hurting…

Imagine then the power in the words of some one who spoke only 12 words a year…

How carefully would they choose their words and how powerfully would they issue forth. Especially if the stored power in all that silence came from a calm, centered place.

Thatastu!So mote it BE!

Imagine the sages who it is said could create physical stuff with their words alone (masters of nada yog, the yog of sound).

Imagine that they said one Thatastu every 10 years.

And for the rest were in blissful silence, at ease with their world.

It’s not an impossible feat to achieve if one thinks about it objectively. 10 years of silence. S

o Much POtential energy….the long vipassana.

And then, Thatastu!

Listen and Silent are anagrams for good reason.

We have been taught to over-excite ourselves as the baseline of our existence. Frazzled senses, especially since the full frontal(lobe) assault of Tell A Lie Vision.

And given that we are so clearly at a turning point in humanity’s known history, unprecedented really…

That we should choose times of absolute silence…

Extended periods if possible, If we cannot quiet the chatter long enough, how will our inner guiding whisper get a hearing?T

he fork in the road, long foretold, is upon US!

In-tuition is a muscle. Look at the word, inner teaching.

I learned a brilliant method of quietening the mind via Osho, will record a video about it soon.

Meanwhile, shhhhhhhhhh…. 😉

May be an image of child and text
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  1. June 23, 2021 3:19 pm

    There is one approach to meditation which involves focusing on a mental image of an object, say a sea shell, or some object one likes. At some point the mind becomes silent, and the image prop is no longer required.
    This approach it seems is better than the negative approach of trying to blank out the thoughts and chatter.

    Would love to hear Osho’s approach to quietening the mind 🙂
    He provided a viable alternative to the stresses of modern world, but then his enemies brought him down.

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