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See Locks!

July 4, 2021

The ENTIRE digital world works on Clocks. C-Locks.


You see the time, you Watch your Watch and you are Locked.

Into external time.

Which does not even exist. Think a 100,000 people in a stadium, each heart beating at it’s own pace, everyone breathing to their own need/rhythm.

But a C-Lock locks EVERYONE into the same rhythm. When there were no watches, you looked up at the sky and thought…ahhh…mid-day-ish, early-evening-ish…

Now, everyone in the same Time (Containment) Zone looks down at their hand/phone and says…It’s 12:46 PM on Sunday the 4th of Jewlie!

What a great way to “Synch” people, hmmmmm?

0630, alarms all over India (we are a single time zone nation), millions upon millions upon millions…go off together. Can you say forced synchronization?

Millions and millions of Indian enthroned at 0645, straining together. Literally, funny as that sounds…

We are all marching like souldiers in an army, just cannot see it in real time.
And the Conductor (so CHARGED, Conductors are) is TIME.

Tick Tock. Instead of Lub Dub.

And the most frenetic urge has been to re-discover how to divide time, more and more.

Hurts, Mega Hurts, Giga Hurts, now even Terra Hurts.

Of course it does.

The machine is not slowing down, it’s speeding UP. The modern internet and computer are ONLY possible on the backs of ultra-precise C-Locks.

Imagine now, at this very instant, all the 2.3 Giga Hurts computers spinning together all over the world.

You see how much cohesion via TIME awareness it takes to run the Matrix?

The MA-Tricks is basically Time Externalized.

And there’s your prime battle.

Slow down. Breathe slower, deeper…toss the Watch and C-lock.

Listen to the Lub Dub.

As Simon and Garfunkel famously sang:

Slow down, you move too fast,

You’ve got to make the morning last…

Curvy-Linear Time…Oooooh my!

Non-Linear Time in Classical Mythology | by Alex Skelton | Ostraka | Medium
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  1. July 4, 2021 7:45 am

    Figures your email arrived at 333hrs here. Time, yes. I’ve often wondered what force , as simple as dream or thought , as complex as may be , drives / determines the “location in the morphic field” that we sense / render / virtualize as our confining point in / of time.

    Kind regards, Alpine.Knight


  2. July 4, 2021 4:06 pm

    Also reminds me of sea locks or Canal locks ( sea anal, šŸ˜œ). As they rule through the law of the sea, the holy see.

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