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Hey Guyz, you’ve been bluepiled!

July 19, 2021

So, here is a little insight that should make men really really pay attention to what is being normalized for them.

June 1998 was a sad month for Masculinity. It was the month that the FDA approved p fizer’s viagra for public sale. Safe for use.

And who was it’s first spokesperson?

Senator Bob Dole. Good old, insider, do nothing Senator Veteran one armed spokesperson for an erectile dysfunction drug?

The key was disabled and veteran/ Why? Because anyone with a thinking mind knows instinctively that war torn humans have huge PTSD issues (born on the 4th of July etc.) with concominent sexual dysfunction.

Hey boyz, no need to deal with your massive underlying trauma based issues, just pop a pill and screw like a donkey.

What else happened? An entire older generation of men, settling into a simpler, asexual existence, were suddenly, at the risk of a priapism induced heart attack, back into the fecking market.

Gramps getting naughty again….bam…huge hit on a reservoir of innocence, the elderly.

Porn + Viagra and uncle was in heaven … again.

I hope you can see, like I can, the earthquake like effect this would have on social dynamics?

What else happened since 1998? WAR after WAR after WAR.

And what do wars produce? Destroyed males. Unable to perform, so traumatized. Booming sales in Afghanistan, Kashmir, Iraq, Palestine….my my, what a surprise eh?

And so added to the trauma of war, this new social upheaval. Any surprise that prostitution is a booming business in all war torn areas? You see how it goes?

All by the introduction of a little blue pill.

You see the symbolism there? Hundreds of millions of men have been taking the blue pill since 1998.

The blue pill locks you below the throat Chakra…

Below that, One of the two can “Function” at full potency at any given time.


The very personification of duality in a male.

The SPINE, a skeletal element, bones, with a central cavity and two spiraling nerve bundles or snakes and their crossover points, the Chakr system.

The PENIS a fleshy element, capable of transforming into a BONEr, has a central cavity and spiraling musculature.

The blue pill takes you to the PENIS. Guess where it steals blood supply from?

So Viagra broke the global male spine…

And thus the abject inability of the global masculine to rise in the face of what is going on….

We are alchemical refractories. Finely balanced chemical soups. trillionths of ppm and decimal places of ph change can shift entire realities.

This is how subtle wars are fought.

DON’T take the blue pill 😉 OR the Red Pill.

Or any pill at all because Pill is mostly ill 🤣

And it pays to remember too that in dealing with such a subtly and finely balanced system it take subtle and fine moves, changes, exercises to really effect change.

So that one day you can explode like a kalari fighter, at will, no chemical help needed, thank you very much…

Behind Kalaripayattu lies a searing tale of blood and fire
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