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Bloo Vorigin?

July 22, 2021

Someone asked, why Blue Origin?

Blue is the throat chakra, our “spatial” limiter, our blue atmostfear.

Origin is the red, base, root chakra. Throat to base thrusting rocketry, opposite Kundalini force, negative. Aka Kundabuffer.

The Dickhead sitting in a Dickhead, blasting off with it’s ass on fire, into the Blue Origin, soon after a Virgin (a Galactic one at that) had “Spread Her Wings/Legs” in “Space”, just daze earlier.

That space is between our collective ears. Our space of attention being consumed by this farce.

You think Penile and Pineal are sorta homonomish for a reason?

You think there a reason there is such a concerted media effort to make men (and women) think Penile instead of Pineal?

Cock-A Doodle. Cock-A-Whoop, BAD minton Cocks, cock your hole (Indianish for cork your hole), Dick…

All those Obelisks the world over are the Penis of the Bull, thrusting upwards and it’s adherents ardent worshippers of Taurus, Mars-Arms, War..That is why Land, or “Real” Estate is King. it is the domain of the Bull. The Baa’el.

Notice that in the animal kingdom, suddenly the bull isn’t getting any. 99% of global cattle birth is via artificial insemination.

And the Bull is both Rotting and Rutting. I can see it where I live. These proud Brahma bulls, immense power exuding from them, walking around, unloved because all the cows are in human hands.

The male-female divide has been pushed to the max, right about now, just as the collective male rut energy leads to the ability to spark violence. A male in real rut is oblivious to pain, either suffered or caused.

Same goes for high testosterone women, of which the number is probably at a global all time high.

No coincidence either that women are finally in the fighting killing arms of many nation’s armed forces.

When the creator becomes the destroyer, you can bet something big, a change, upheaval etc. is nigh 🙂

This is how far and deep, in my view, the general interconnect and the warp and the woof woof of the world goes.

All the great civilizations died in the fires of an explosion of hummo sexualit y.
Hummo sexu ails make the fiercest warriors, all generals know this.

And this is how empire crumbles. This time around too, they have the global masculine by the cock. Narcissing in gyms, self adoration replacing self love. BIG difference.

So yes, it’s about as in yer face as it is ever going to get. The bloo origin flight was a joke even in what was shown. Hilarious. It was so staged that it was frightening that any sane human thought it was real.

Pays to pay peripheral attention to all things.

Deep dives are reserved for the self.

Look at this magnificence 🙂

May be an image of animal and grass
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  1. August 1, 2021 4:13 pm

    The native desi cows/bulls have a form and appearance that is truly majestic.

    Is Bezos’ space trip not real? I thought it was an expensive but brief entertainment for the very rich.

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