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Dee En, Eh? AND?

August 5, 2021

The Great DNA hoax.

Sorry to bust your bubble, or helix as the case may be, but the whole thing of spiraling DNA, ACTG, folding and unzipping in the great soup that is our body…is a total fable. a story. A tale. a fabric-ation, a head fake. a fake..

Elementary Watson and Crickey, do some good stuff and dream up the “GOD Code”. Just like that. If you read the story of how this great even transpired, you have to laugh…

First, the proof. This is how flimsy conjectural self-referentiality works….

X-ray diffraction of DNA crystals results in a cross shape on the X-ray film, which is typical of a molecule with a helix shape.

Like all modern science is. It’s all relative…axioms are so yesterday….

Then came RNA and nucleotides and pep tides and am I No acids and the story got really rich. A thickly textured, brilliantly depicted tapestry of lies.

A few conjectures, all self-referentially axiomatic.

A “Theory”, and then along come computers (Just in time) to model said conjectures, draw some fancy patterns on paper and everyone bowed to Deux Ex Machina!

The truth is that this whole construct of DNA which of course is AND which is of course a KEY GATE in all computing and AND-ROID…… is born of computers.

As computers came of age, the model got…clearer? No the myth just got clearly depicted.

And then along comes the Ventner and the Hooman Aww Gee Gnome project, a public money boondoggle if there ever was one.

Of course, computing power and crunch-ability was zooming along the famous doubling every two years curve.

And the depictions got fancier and now the machine could design machines that did or rather followed certain VERY STRICT protocols, to do with gels and what not…to get results that varied within a rather narrow bound.

So began the fairy tale of gene sequencing and CRISPER NOW, Gene splicing/ editing.

The machine mind wants so desperately to think it has figured the spark of life. The ability to re-produce, not from fully matured parts, but from seed.
So, it AND it’s ‘minions in academia AND pharmacopia continue to enrich this tale, now firmly embedded in the publics psyche…


But there was now ever richer material for the fable.

Haplogroup groups exploded.

A little lick-spittle and they could tell you where your rwandan ancestor called home, maybe even the tribe, because, you know, haplogroup….

And it is being touted as the basis of the “Nooooooo” medicine.

Hey miss, your fetus has a genetic anomaly portending potential cancer risks by the time they are 24. Keep it or …let it go?

Hey lady, better get your bre assets cut off. You have a 1 in 13 chance of developing pre-menopausal b cance her and y’know, they accuse allopathy of never getting to the root of the problem.

So here we are. Allopathy style. Lop ’em off. Root gone, problem gone……. it’s hilarious if weren’t so cruel.

Don’t be believing anything from the mouths of these snakes.

If you see anything being embellished by No Bull Prizes, you should be VASTLY more suspicious of all actors and agendas involved.

And Dee En Eh has them by the armful.

Please pull all your belief energy from the scientism fable and put it towards introspection.

MAN is the measure of the universe. All the mysteries are within.
Scientism stories are mind-traps…

DNA is not science, it’s just business 😉

What Is DNA?
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