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Straight En UP!

August 7, 2021

Whatever you are doing reading this, do a little exercise with me.

Imagine now that there is a tiny cord right at the top of your head….and it is starting to pull you up…..

Slowly, as you start to straighten, you realize…whoa, never knew I that much straightening to do.

And still, slowly, relentlessly, that thread keeps pulling and you realize there is still more….

Done with intention and power, let your mind realize that suddenly, you can feel the whole of your spine.

It’s hard initially to let the thread pull you up, so go back there and let it straighten you again.

Suddenly the cavity of your tummy feels hollower than ever before…..

Breathing in powerfully pushes against the abdominal muscles via the diaphragm.

Check with the tension of the thread.

I can assure you, most reading this will not have been this straight, aligned in a long time.

Now, as you are, taut like a bow, tug at the string up and you’ll feel the curved base of your spine move.

Effortlessly straight like this, pay attention to your shoulders. They want to roll back and out. Your chest lifts.

Now you have four points of magic to pay attention to.

The top of your head, the base of your spine, and the edges, the tips of the collar bones on both shoulders.

And this is your holy cross.

This is the cross you die on to be born again.

This is the cross we all carry.

Feel it, top of the head, base of the spine. Slow, smooth breathing….shoulders rolled back and out….

Now touch the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth, near where the top middle teeth are.

This is your inner maha mudra.

The dawn of the fifth way…..

My Martial Arts Teacher, via spirit, Taisen Deshimaru San, sitting calmly and ramrod straight Zazen…

What Is Zasen? — Monju-Do Zen Fellowship
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