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Aqua Rius!

August 12, 2021

Lineage, like roots, used to be a foundational strength, individually and societally.

People not only knew of, like now, but usually lived with at least 4-5 active generations in close proximity.

Yes, I’m sure it was no utopia, but it took care of so many things.

First and perhaps most important, since a society usually binds itself together to “grow” , ie. have healthy, strong off-spring( On-spring? Hmmmmm….), there was a reason they said it took a village to raise a child. Variety of input across ages for the child.

And usually an unspoken (or spoken) command structure that kept things agree-able.

People usually transitioned from muddle age to Elderhood.

Now it mostly olderhood. Huge difference.

So there was always wisdom on tap, and a generally acceptable societal restraint (do no harm) to keep it all under a semblance of control.

Fewer people went hungry or unsupported. The unable or unfit were looked after by the whole, rather than being a literal burden on one or two.

Slow and steady and gathered/wound seems to be the mantra for the natural real-m.

So along came the social scientists, the advance guard for today’s general technodystopia.

And by various media messages, drove the wedge into joint families.

It’s quite easy, three to five season’s of a family drama that constantly showed the head of the family in bad light, you’re halfway home.
Heck, they made the mafia sexy and desirable, this was a piece of cake.

We’ve all heard of Edward Bernays and Marshall McLuhan.

Add the Frankfurt School that infiltrated first Europe (the orgiastic Berlin scene and germany’s general decade of excess in the 1930’s was a result of their influence, societal degeneracy via media manipulation and scholastic manipulation and art manipulation was their hallmark) and then America and now the world.

Degenerate Death Metal, clearly and surely music from a very dark space in the vibrational spectrum was written into the script, because this entire energetic societal restart, whenever it happened last, has been on a downward trajectory.

We are called Descendants and not Ascendants of our forefathers for good reason.

We are on the downward, last leg of an age. The upswing of the next is built into this time too. Only it is in low concentration as of now. A subtle prescience, taking refined senses to work with it, be in it.

That is the place out of time, where we all become Mahakaal Ahaaris (Eaters of Time, not EMITters of it).

But it started with family, joint, tribe to now, nuclear and fast exploding.

The great diaspora is rootless. And we are all the great diaspora.

Most of us have moved away from our roots fall-lowing the money. Even back home in India after a long stint outside, I’m diaspora, a misfit in my “home” world.

The old models, institutions, beliefs are now obviously up for renewal.

The social contract has proven to be the fraud many of us here suspected it was from a long time. In every sphere.

You cannot do big things with the subtle aquarian energy that is available. The shift of the ages is is a slow, ponderous process.

The more of us just tune into it, the more it’s egregore becomes real…
We have been attuned to dense things, strong tastes, strong touch, olympic sex…..

It’s a journey to subtlety, a sensual refinement.

Take it , do it……and everything starts to resolve in your surroundings and in you as well…

What a time….

Are We in the Age of Aquarius? - Forever Conscious
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  1. Raj permalink
    August 12, 2021 5:27 pm

    Hey Vivek as ever you have a way to make sense if this crazy mixed up world!

    Keep it coming bro! I look forward to your nsights with great anticipation!


  2. August 12, 2021 7:24 pm

    Injoyed the read Vivek:)

  3. Nagma Sharma permalink
    August 13, 2021 6:55 am

    Yes 🙏🙏🙏🙏

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