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Black Mathe Magick!

August 22, 2021

I felt lost in the world of Mathematics once Calculus/Imaginary NUMBers kicked in.

it was all mumbo-jumbo.

It was all forced conclusions.

It was all “shifting” constants.

It was dimensionally wrong.

It made NO SENSE.

And yet, with the great Indian Fuddukation system, I went all the way to getting a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering and was given the responsibility of the weapon systems on Indian’s only Aircraft Carrier at the time.

I used to ask my teachers, hey…they tell me this is the language of the universe.

Why does it seem so ALIEN?

I have pondered, deeply, my love hate relationship with this SUB-JECT. We are SUB-JECTED to learning.

Then came “Imaginary NUMBers” and the square root of -1.


And what did they call it?



Looking back, it makes so much sense. Once this artificial “space” was introduced into the spectrum, they could do anything. Since it had no rules, you made them up as you went along.

And going to the root of the matter too, IDENTITY. How convenient.

And this “Space” was created our LEFT brains. Carved out rather.

A totally cognitive dissonance creating entity introduced….. you are then forced to learn contortions around it to make it give some pre-baked, LIMITED results….

That then begins to underpin the entire scientific narrative.

You see my friends, with the introduction of the “i”….THE SINGULARITY HAS ALREADY HAPPENED…

We are now neck deep from the effects of opening THAT pandora’s box.

Legions of scientists, engineers and others, whose entire lives are underpinned by an “i”impossibility.

And true mathematics, the sacred spiral, the golden ratio was just brushed over.

How come I got to know about Sacred Geometry at the ripe old age of 33?

You see all those magnificent buildings from the past?

That last supposedly for hundreds or thousands of years?

They were designed and built according to that resonant, spiral, golden mathematics.

Not this Schrodinger’s cat of an edifice of LIES…

There is MUCH more resonant technology available to us even within the current mechatronic dystopia of engineering and design that is fast descending on us.

I hope you can feel the intensity of how important this is. This inverted mathematics has allowed the digital engriddlement of humanity.

ALGO-Rhythms are ALGOL.


from the constellation Perseus, is known as?

“The Demon’s Head”



Perseus slayed MEDUSA.

Are the dots beginning to connect?

Neuralink is already IN US.

All because of the introduction of a TOTALLY FICTIONAL “i”DENTITY and thus the Singularity.

Please understand, the Singularity has already “Happened”…

So much more to say on this, but this is the root cause…

This kind of high weirdness spewed forth and fifth…

Euler’s “i”dentity…

Make sense of raising an unknown to an unknowable power, but tell everyone you’ve “Solved it”…

May be an image of text
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  1. Nagma Sharma permalink
    August 23, 2021 2:46 am


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