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September 1, 2021


The Alpha Beta

The Alif Bet

Not the Alphazed.

So is it all over at B?

No, but that is where it Begins.

A alone can not create. Look at that letter.

Why is it Adam, the original?


Soul/Higher vibration/dimension, coming in from above, splits at the PIneal into the spirit and the flesh.

Connecting both with that line across at the heart.

This is the construct of A.

The whole Aleph Bet is constructed like this, reflected in our bodies in their perfected forms, not the incomplete forms we RITE in.

So A need B to complete itself.



M here is the waters of creation that flow in the AMMA…

B, as you can C, is shaped like the Bi-furcated Brain.

And it of course is contained in the ? C-rainium.

That’s your ABC and Pi.

And so it goes.

These are the building blocks of the RITE of W-RITING

They are not some spawntaneous assemblage of squiggles.

Look at the complexity of the world that hangs by them.

What does the RITE do?

Look at this little inversion:

It IN-SCRIBES on a paper to DE-SCRIBE something.

And ALL (W)riting is DE-SCRIPT-ion.

Wait, everything is self-cancelling here.

What’s the game Frandz?

What, if not plain earth, is under-foot?


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