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September 3, 2021

Obviously, at first glance, the picture is, for lack of a better phrase, picture perfect.

A marvelously maintained Cottage in the perpetually gray but beautiful english countryside. Wildflowers, a patch of green and what not.

But then you pay attention to the cottage. It’s close to 500 years old, in the village of Lower Weald, East Hampshire if you must know.


The construction of these amazing buildings is done basically with straw, clay and sand, stomped by oxen or human, mixed with a little lime here in India…

And you have a mix stronger and MUCH longer lasting than concrete.

These cottages were literally sculpted with and from Cob. And some wood framing of course, big beams of old oaks and such.

And look at that roof. So perfect for a wet and in the winter snowy climate. That cob is so many layers thick (yet light), nothing is getting through, it just slides off.

And yet, BRICK chimneys.

Red Brick is an ancient building material, it carries a powerful resonance for us, brick buildings exude warmth.

Brick and mortal lasts forever. Stronger as it ages.

And cob is a living home, You add, subtract, refresh.

In India, a cow dung/straw slurry is used for the refresher. It is the most brilliant feeling to be ensconced in that traditional wall cover. Insect repellent too.

That is why the use of lime in mortar was discouraged and CEMENT, was brought in.

You see, the age of natural haptics was over….of roundness and rough but comfortable surface texture…No more ARCH in ARCHitecture…

The age of the CUBE had dawned and CEMENT was it’s enabler in architecture. Because you could lay straight lines in Cement.

Round pillars became square and rectangular.

CORNERS are CORONERS, they kill resonance.

We have corners all around us.

We were spheres who are in the process of being cubed.

In-CUBE-ated in Cubicles

Living in cement enabled HIGH RISE APART-MENT Communities.

Apart-ment Communities.


We live in FLATS. What does that tell us, words being what they are?

How important an issue is this?


We are creatures of resonance caught in an increasingly dissonant world.
It’s why the speakers are so good now a days, they’re trying to recreate the warmth of resonant spaces….

We need to recover rotundity!

Like this awesome and sweet and strong building has all over it…

It’s a fractal world. Modern women largely hate any rotundity. Flat abs all around please. Goombye baby making…

Yup, it’s that important….

A home is a womb 🧙

Anyways, Lower Wealds, Cottage, Magick!

May be an image of the Cotswolds, tree and nature
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  1. September 4, 2021 2:21 pm

    Instead of living in magical spaces, people have been taught to think in terms of numbers – square feet, number of rooms, number of cars …
    Have seen pictures of some hobbit-style houses of mud and cob, they do look magical.Even the wooden supports are used with branches intact, with just a little trimming, no linear edges, or square corners.

    When you think of highways you think of access to remote places, of a sense of freedom.
    The Britishers (and of course earlier kings and zamindars) have encouraged planting of trees by the sides of the roads, and some of the roads do have huge trees offering excellent shade.

    But the recent highways being built by the government are apparently “access controlled”.

    Instead of being able to pull over, rest under the shade of trees, enjoy the scenery, have a picnic with food that you packed from home, we have elevated highways where you can’t exit or enter where you want, built with extra efforts and expense. Concrete or steel median on one side, and a concrete kerb on the other side. All this to bring a penal-colony-ish feeling, but you get to drive at greater speeds!

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