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September 6, 2021

So, keeping with the theme of food, because it seems to be an important vibration, perhaps now more than ever.

As usual, I am given signs along my purification journey.

No mass manufactured packaged food or drink goes down well now. None of it.

I have to see, as far as possible, the hands that make my food.

It almost feels, every time I reach such crossroads, that I have popped out of another dominant paradigm.

People say, all the time…hey, it’s okay, once won’t hurt you….but this is not any conscious “giving-up” of anything on my part.

It’s raising the vibration so nothing dense or gross can stick anymore.

Natural, like a ripe fruit, it just falls off, of it’s own volition.

There was a time when I dreaded an Austere life, at least what looks austere from the outside perspective.

But living it is nothing like that at all.

It’s quality of quantity and continuous refinement.

Kind of ironic that “Refined Oil” is one of the most unrefined substances for our bodies. The food supply chain is full of such cruel jokes, but most are buying it.

This is how it’s working for me anyways.

Interestingly, for a societal perspective, food and what you do or do not eat is a subtle divider. Mis-matched vibrations.

In some ways, I’m beginning to see my own path narrowing.

Narrow is the Road, it is said, eh?

And it’s rising, so the perspective is ever broader….

And so much of the “Weight” we carry is with regards to food.

Kind of like having a full service 5 course meal at the top of mount ever-rest, level of not-happening-ness, eh?

Weigh And Way don’t play well together 🙂

En-lightenment is literal as much as it is figurative…

Bodhi Tree stock photo 65487d45-7a1b-423e-abd3-fb1f45a48282
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