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Ssssssssssssss Pace anyone?

September 9, 2021
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Every time I get nervous about SCIENCE, and really wonder whether is happening or not, along comes NeverA StraigtAnswer to assuage my fears.

If there is science happening in low earth orbit, at 17,500 MPH, then surely it’s happening here.

Today’s two headlies that will allow me to sleep better at night:

“Crew Readies for Thursday, Sunday Spacewalks as Science Rolls On”


They forgot to mention how it ROCKS on too.

Gotta love SCIENCE with a mind of it’s own eh?

My way or the HIGHWAY says SCIENCE, as it ROLLS ON!

The next headlie is even cooler…”Spacewalks are set for Thursday and Sunday as the Expedition 65 crew keeps up with space science and lab maintenance.”

They’re KEEPING UP with space SCIENCE.

Lawd lurveaduck.

I cannot barely keep up with Earth Science and here they are keeping up with SPACE SCIENCE!


So SPACE SCIENCE must be empty too.

Just like the ASStronot’s skulls.

Oh and I get really excited when they show us pictures.

Especially of space walks.

I mean, which brilliant engineer would not put ALL SORTS of tender equipment on the OUTSIDE of a thin aluminum Canister hurtling through space at 17,500 MPH?

Space: The final frontier of SCIENCE AND STUPID.

How lucky we are to live in this age. No?


May be an image of outdoors
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