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September 10, 2021

Clothes, especially Clothes as we wear them now, came from Habits.

Monks and Nuns wear Habits.

We inhabit our clothes. Just like we inhabit our homes.

Clothes are a habit and habituated things become comfortable only after doing them repeatedly.

Habits are formed.

I imagine then that the dominant culture has the greatest effect on all our habits.

Because Habits are Acculturated.

Thus the ability of the culture controllers to effect us in big or subtle ways, every day.

All they need to do is effect a new fashion via totally controlled media.

Why is this so important. It’s just clothes, right?

Not really. You see…

You take your clothes out of a WARdrobe every day.

Alternately, a WARD-ROBE.

It’s either weak armour OR like a child, you wear what you are indicated to as to what you should be wearing.

Now look at the Businessman’s suit.

BTW, in case it’s not clear to everyone, EVERY American Congressman and Senator and every major politician is ALWAYS in a suit.

ALWAYS, suit and tie.



SUIT and TIE and SHOES and BELT are de riguer in the Capitalist world.



Now first things first, a tie demands a COLLAR-ed shirt.

So you’ve got your COLLAR on.

Next, on your throat chakra you TIE a TIE in a HANGMAN’S KNOT.

Literally choke the place from where truth is meant to flow.

If you speak the truth, you die.

The downward triangles on either side of the tie and outlined by the JACK-IT, make the serpants fangs.

Always the Old Sir-Pant.

Next, around your Manipura Chakr, your SUN, you tie a dead animals leather belt and pull in in tight.


COLLAR, TIE, BUCKLE….doing well so far eh? I’m sure you are seeing the picture.

On the JACK-IT’s ARMS, you have CUFFS and CUFF-LINKS.

Cuffs and Cuff Links. Oh my.

Seen all together, NOT GOOD eh?

But we still have to go to the Feet.

SHOD. in 99% of the Matrix, we can only walk around FULLY SHOD.

Hooves are shod.

Our SHOES are a travesty.

But do you see, from Neck to toe…


Truth-Choking TIE in a HANGMAN”S KONT

Ye Ole Sir-Pant’s fangs (Look on either side of the Tie)

The BELT and BUCKLE around your Belly.

Shod Feet.

You wish you could say neigh, but you can’t.

It’s true.

This is how we are trapped and it goes WAY deeper, with clothes alone.

More on this again, but for now, check out this natty dude with new eyes…

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  1. Nagma Sharma permalink
    September 10, 2021 11:38 pm

    😳 kabhi socha hi nahi itna deep

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