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Butlerian YeeHawed!

September 12, 2021

One good thunderstorm puts this entire, cheap, fake tech-no-logical farce we call modern society in it’s place.

Crashed poles, uprooted trees, flooded roads, short circuits galore, vehicles sliding all over the place, people slipping on their fine marble steps, wearing their smoot leather soled pumps….

From my eyes, hoomanity…hoo boy….we’ve really lost it, collectively.

But we were guided into this PEN that is MIGHTIER than the SWORD!

Our technology can thrive in a VERY narrow band.

By design.

I’m sure you can see why.

When you are slave to their technology, you yourself begin to exist inside that narrow band.

No signal? No go!

Now imagine, just for a moment, that vehicles had evolved in such a way that you could pretty much take them anywhere.

Well then you would.

And imagine WHAT ALL would be discovered. Things, very important things, by way of monuments, power spots, trees, towns, water bodies, evidence of things old, very very old…

All telling stories that fly in the face of every sold out modern ology and graphy.

In a word, my pet peeve and first lurve, SCIENCE.

So they gave most of the world road going vehicles, dependent on fuel, so how far from fuel could you travel?

We already know, instinctively, that we live on something totally different from the lie that has been programmed down our throats.

And we also intuitively know that this is an abundant realm, so why all this miserly misery?

Science is KAA, Kipling’s Serpent hypnotically singing “Truuuuuussst in meeeeeee”….

All this false light has blinded us from the stars.

What was once abundant, we now have to go seek.

So, the technological mindset created a scarcity mind-set?


You see, unlike in nature (us included) where everything happens in it’s perfect, designated, designed time….

The machine is caught in an ever tightening loop of improved productivity.

And for that it had to learn how to slice time, faster and smaller.

It’s never enough.

60 Megapixels in a handphone is not enough.

2.6 GigaHurts Hex Core processors are not enough.

It’s never enough in the machine world.

And it shits out enormous amounts of toxic waste, analogous to the waste it puts in us….

This is why it can never win.

Everytime I think like this, I hear these words in my head:

“Take it back Vivek, Take it back”..

We should take it back…

Time for the Butler Ian Jee Haawd!

do we need a Butlerian Jihad? - Ricardo Pinto
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  1. Raj permalink
    September 12, 2021 8:39 am

    Morning Vivek boy you brought a huge grin on my face this morning! The system is flooding the world with endless maya …I look around for me and see friends and family rushing around wanting bigger and better …cars / house etc ..etc..
    It’s very sad they have no time to time to meditate…no time to eam the real wealth of connecting with the creator! Even that is just a ritual like buying a coffee! It’s crazy and getting crazier…they have sliced and diced their time so much, they have no idea whether they are coming or going …and to top it all off their relaxation is to watch te-lie-vision and get thier daily brainwashing and too up of the scare mongering and ‘beat the jones’ its very sad bro!

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