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September 16, 2021


The R and L hands of GOD.

I had long puzzled this reflection.

It had made no sense to me.

And then, like it usually does out of the blue (see, all in-sights come from out of the BLUE, the 5th, the speech, the throat….we have to rise above speech to rise again, we have to rise above food to rise again……. the Throat is the passage to the UNDER world. It’s where things move fast from air to water, to food, to shite and pee and out….the FALL is clearly into DENSITY and the RISE is clearly into the very bearable lightness of being…) I saw why this might be the Ultimate Reflection/Inversion on this REALm.

Whatever one makes of and attributes to and deifies as GOD, everyone has a GOD, even the atheist, logic/reason being their god etc…. and this GOD is at the top of out Totem pole so to speak.

Every ancient narrative speaks of these being beings that were here and then ascended.

Be that as it may, GOD, the SUPEREME.

So like pLay-Pay-pRay and cLown-Cown-cRown…

There was GOLD and GORD.

And gold of course was the incorruptible one, the pure one, the dense one, the shining one…but it is also the curse of Midas, greed and glitter….yet also the peak result of the alchemists pursuit.

And GORD is what tied it to US. To our bodies. To our very existence.


And who is GORD? Wabbit holes ALL WAYS get trippy…

Gordius (Greek Gordios), first king of Phrygia in Asia Minor and father of Midas.


So GORDius is the Father of Midas, whom GOLD drove mad.

And our very lives are a gordian knot.

In fact, the knot of musculature in our perinium is the external gordian knot and all the currents that meet in our heart and mind via the Vagus nerve and sense organs is the invisible one, the attachments, the memories, the desires, the hates, the loves….all of those streams/strings into the gordian knot of life.

When you, like Alexander (allegedly) break the GORDian knot or chop it, you are free.

GOLD binds, GORD liberates….

The father’s ref(L)ector becomes the son/sun’s curse.

This is how language is constructed…

May be an image of 3 people

1MahaKaal Ahaari

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