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September 17, 2021

Satya, the sanskrit word for truth makes for an enlightening short dive.

The quality of a word in a master language like sanskrit speaks to it’s root/core.

English, as we all well understand by now, is a spell casting construct, with Grammer coming from Grimoire, the Necromancers guide, essentially.

Even the word for the alphabet in Sanskrit is Akshar.

A-Kshar, that which cannot be sub-divided.

A root sound.

One could write books on the beauty of this language. All root languages are like this.

Russian….whoa….super complex but also extensive rule set and makes for deep minds. Tamil, similar. Hebrew. Magyar.

They force you to think and speak with depth.

Latin and it’s bastard step-child, English meanwhile are languages of small vocabularies (much shrunk every year by the pun DITZ at the DICTIONary makers), Vague rules (Always an i before an e? Except after a C? Yes, with 36 exceptions, commonly used), obscure grammer with necromantic, darker undertones…they are, as tools of their creators, weapons of LAW and RELIGION…

It forces you to be a Memorizer (Spelling Bee anyone) not a resonator/creator.

So, let’s drop all the various connotations of Truth from our mind and think about SATYA…

The root of Satya is SAT.

And SAT means IS-ness,

What IS is SAT.

SAT-CHIT-ANANDA best translates to ISness, Consciousness-Bliss.

Sat is undeniable, Sat will fall on your toes and crush them.

If there is anything REAL in this REALm, it is SAT.

SAT-BHAV, compounded as SADBHAV implies the YIN and YANG of existence.

SAT is the Gold and BHAV or form is the Necklace.

You can melt away the bhav, but the sat always remains, pure.

If we are, which I most certainly think we….well, ARE….then SAT is the root or the core or the foundation of our BE-ing.

When you find that SAT, can touch it, feel it…. because you can….you connect to Supreme consciousness, because we are after all a SOuL, the U, the U-terus, the Grail with the seed from the SOL/SUN…

And therefore, you are in BLISS.

You see how Truth, which is a legally defined word, cannot take you there?

We all have a root language, from whence we came. Pays deep dividends to find that wellspring. We are lucky here in India, it is still alive….

Rigveda or Rig Veda Samhita 1028 Hymns Divided into 10 Books
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