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Sonic Destruction…

September 25, 2021

You feel safe when you are impregnable.

So they have everyone near naked in a terribly body/mind hostile environment.

So Vulnerable!

Thin t-shirts, thin soled, heled, unbalancing shoes, no arms except the ones in your sockets, a toxic food supply chain…..cities are not places humans thrive, they survive…….badly.

Is it any wonder people are so jumpy, defensive and hostile in Mega Cities.

The Noo Yorks, LA’s, San Francisco’s….London, Paris, Tokyo, Berlin…..filthy underbelly under a shiney, over lit facade.

True Potemkin Villages, these megacities.

Something I noticed a long time ago and started paying attention to was the almost constant “sonic assaults'” in a big city. Loud horn, ambulances racing, police cars chasing…. and in all the above mentioned cities, literal brawls if you stay out long enough and go to the wrong places.

Also note, megacities are BATHED IN ALCOHOL. It’s constantly advertised and constantly consumed.

New York City consumed 400 MILLION GALLONS of beer last year.

Officially. That’s just beer.A

nd it’s near impossible to find deep statistics, because they hide them.

India consumes close to Six BILLION LITERS of alcohol annually. Officially anyways. So double that EASY if not 10X it.

So anyways, imagine the figure per capita for Germany. The UK is a nation of functioning alcoholics.

Japan is a sight to behold when the sun goes down….everyone heads for the bars and eateries and drink and drink and drink. Every night. The stations are full of “Office Men” in suits, sprawled drunk all over. Not what you expect in Japan. But the day’s tensions are so high and the system’s anti-dote is more poison, only it numbs you.

So the deemons of Al Kuhul/Al Ghoul spread liberally, added to a general claustrophobia, noise of buses and trains and trams and people and repair and building construction….

.And with each dissonate sound, we flinch. Less and less as the years go by, but deep inside, when an ambulance races by with Red White and blue flashes and mourning, pitch perfectly toned siren to cause maximum discomfort in the listeners…. You flinch.

Go inwards.

Want to cover your ears. But we don’t. We are rougher than before, coarser senses.

So I practice un-flinching my self. I reach for those places that I know don’t even react anymore, so burned out.

Life in the Matrix/Meatrix is death oriented, anti-life, coarse.

To un-coarsen is to re-sensitize.

And goddess knows we need all our sensitivities and sensibilities and senses refined and sensitive. Such great hoaxes unfolding left and right.

Only the centered ones will really make it across the rolling log bridge. As in to thrive post this current and actually very extreme and real nonsense we are trapped in. Survival is a weak goal.

Let’s thrive…

May be an image of bird and nature
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