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FREE? Hahaaaardly….

September 28, 2021

FREE is one of the biggest lies foisted upon us, linguistically and in life.


Mirror is:F(L)EE

The key word is FEE.

In the meatrix and in NATURE, you all waze PAY to PLAY.

See? You PAY to P(L)AY, or else you better P(R)AY.

There is no such thing as free in this REALm or REALity.

The only way an inherently dualistic system can be kept in any kind of balance is if it’s basis is in




Since this is a far more LAYERED REALity than our currently attenuated senses allow us to perceive, this X-CHANGE happens at many levels, seen and other-WIZE…

As much as we interact with anything too deeply, we age…with no blueprint existing that allows a guided growth into the super beings we all are seeded to be, we are lost.

And leaking.

Speaking of the collective here obviously and I can say from my own life experience, got to find those leaks and heal/plug them.

Only then can your “SElf/CELLF” expand into a convex life. Self Full FIlled. Full of YOUR SELF.

And that is just the way it should be…

There is no FREE.

No such thing as FREEDOM in any external context.

When you are “free” on the inside, you’re home.


And “free” inside is not just a concept.

Here is an absolute:

The key to the gate of ascension is the voluntary (and relaxed) cessation of breath. For all humans. All paths lead there…

Fear at that point is obviously the lock.

THAT is Mount Ever Rest!

Be-Cause re-member, on Mount Ever Rest, you cannot breathe…

May be an image of mountain and nature
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  1. October 7, 2021 2:29 pm

    After I saw your blog, I came across an article about this Russian free diver, Alexey Molchanov, who claims that we can hold our breath, and reach a meditative state, fully aware and functional.

    Strange we are forced to limit ourselves by science, technology, and “good governance”.

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