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Bon App a tEAT!

October 10, 2021
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Now here is a mystery.



e= 5 Throat Chakra
a = 1 Root Chakra
T = The De-Capitated Hueman
To EAT is to DIEt
Faster if you Cain-Able-ize your CELLf by EATing ME-EAT…
BUTT…WEIGHT…. there’s more….

consumption (n.)late 14c., “wasting of the body by disease; wasting disease, progressive emaciation” (replacing Old English yfeladl “the evil disease”), from Old French consumpcion, from Latin consumptionem (nominative consumptio) “a using up, wasting,” noun of state from past-participle stem of consumere “to use up, eat, waste,”

Ohhhhhhhhhh Mahhhhhhhhhhh……

The HABITuATE it Consumption function.

To Consume is to USE UP, EAT and WASTE…a DIS-EASE…

BUTT….WEIGHT…there’s all ways more….



brEAThe….. deeply……

So, given all this, what is this life really all Ab OUT?

What, in fact, IS life? and dEATh?

If we were light as fEAThers, could we fly?

Please do not take this Mess-Age LIGHTLY, yah?

C, with out hEAT you cannot EAT mEAT….

Do I need to bEAT the mess age in?

nEAT eh?

Take a sEAT…. suck the tEAT…

whEAT? Mmmmhhhhhhh….

I mean, holy shEAT, right?

A Fast, meanwhile, speeds you right up. Right? FASTer….

Ponder worthy…

Bon Appetit! 🧙

Spirituality and Food - A Path From Omnivore to Breatharian — Energy Is  Everything
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  1. Nagma Sharma permalink
    October 10, 2021 5:23 am


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