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October 11, 2021

In these Buy-Nary (empty) MAChines, everything is STILL LOGGED.

LOG in

LOG out

Data LOG

LOG-Arrythamic Functions drive modern mathematics….


is the Operating System

This system is a poor copy of the real. A pretender.

But it, like all Word/WorLd builders, nose that “FIRST THERE WAS THE WORD”

and the ineffable NAME created it all.

So they have to keep telling us.

The SHIP’s LOG to go to the STARS.


LOGic to LAWgic is the fall….

The search for the LAWst word is the journey on the Royal Road…

On it’s PEAK, you cannot S-PEAK….



The trees were slaughtered into LOGS for this very reason…

So a PArched, PArchment faux reality could be created.

And every de-tail LOGGED…

May be an image of text
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