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October 11, 2021

In this inverted world, false AU-THOR-ity comes from Paper.

PAPal BULLshite is written what used to be called PARCH-MENT.

Look at these words!


MENT is Mind.


PULPED ENTS (trees) turned to PAPER.

And the inverted reality, which is full of CONTRACTS (not EXPANDS) which we RITE on PAPER and then SIGN/SINE SIN into existence.

And these contracts, some we sine consciously and many we give Con-Sent to unknowingly, continuously CONTRACT us.

From IOU’s to Fiat paper money, forests were pulped into empty promises of value.

And on these Parched Papers we sit and DRAW everything in our lives.

DRAW funny munny for a bank ACCOUNT? An Account is but a story, a fairytale…

The two sides of life in this dualistic, 2D existence (that is the original CONTRACT, magnificent multi-dimensional creatures, we are, trapped in a 2D matrix.


One is REAL and the other is REEL….

Pinch yourself to see which is which is Hu is hu!

7 commonly counterfeited currencies - Marketplace
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  1. Stephen permalink
    October 11, 2021 12:16 pm

    Funny Munny – the system is tanking very fast. Not too long now here in the US, and when Mr. Money Bags (aka, Uncle Sam) goes down, it’s the shot that is heard around the world. I am prepared – to meditate, because there will not be a more clear option.

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