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Babbleon Rising!

October 27, 2021

To attain the power to manifest your desires without knowing yourself first is a curse….

There was an age and we were at a stage, where you ONLY used voice/word to manifest.

Thus all the gods and goddesses of yore “Spoke” the world into existence.

First there was the word and the word (Logos) WAS God.

And God said LET THERE BE…..

Speak to Create.


In the Indian tradition, the Rishis, the wisest men of Yore, spoke things into manifestation.

Tathastu! It is So!

Now? Psychobabble for the most part.

Cursively written, Spelled, Grimoire ruled Babbleon.

But words have not lost their power just because we’ve lost connection with their roots.

And so we are speaking a literal confused hell of a jumbled, un-understood word salad into existence…

In Japan, they started this curious fashion of writing absolutely meaningless word jumbles on clothes.

And poor Japan, CANNOT learn english, try as it might. No surprise really.

Chaos magic of the highest power happens through invocations and incantations.

The TONgue is the lash, the hook, the flail in the mouth of an appropriately trained mage…

Words spoken or unspoken, manifest our world every moment…

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