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Time IS Breath!

December 4, 2021

Time IS breath.
At the cost of being repetitive, Time IS breath.
Thank you Gurdjieff.
Time begins for us the moment we are born and ends the moment we die.
T I M E – E M I T
The rush begins from child-birth.
Chop off the umbilical cord (sell the Placenta, but that’s a while other story), hang you upside down and slap your ass to make you cry.
What a start. So you begin life with a sob. Instead of a giggle.
But right there, you were forced to breathe (out at that) before your “Time”…
From there on out and now more than ever, everything is about the making of adrenalin junkies.
I did one major amusement park, saw what it was all about and warned anyone who would listen not to send their children on those harrowing rides.
So much sped up breath, time/emit/time/emit…..screaming, hearts racing…..
It would for the rest of your life, take at least that much adrenalin in the system for you to feel excited.
And then the music, faster and faster and the movies and plays, more and more dramatic, TV the full on adrenalin rusher…..pawrn, gonzo pawn, r@ pe pawrn…. more and more desensitization, rushing your system to hormonal extremes at a younger and younger age…..hunger games, nihilism…… on and on ….. base jumping, wing suiting, red bulling, faster and faster.
What are you DOING Friday night? What are you DOING right now.
Even relaxing (vacationing) has become a doing of packing, travelling, snorting, return to the quotidian, the daily….
Do be do be dooooo is the real game.
Breathe in, hold, breathe outttttttttt…….
We cannot keep breathing in forever, now can we?
Exhale…Quality over quantity.
Time IS Breath…

It's All About the Exhale - Mindful Minutes
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