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A Tangential Tan Gent…

December 13, 2021
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This is the famous palindrome about the i’s land the Nap-o-Lean was banished to.
Able was I, NOT CAIN.
The bloodlines are STILL at war.
STILL (unmoving) at war! Language, I tell ya, traps everywhere.
Anyways, I’m sure the Act-whore that played Nap-o-Lean served no banishment, but as he himself reportedly (or was it prrrrrportedly) said that his-story is a set of lies agreed upon. A-greed upon, obviously.
So ABLE went to ELBA.
The Body of EL.
And UN-ABLE, it’s obvious OPPOsite?
Is LUNE-BA, the body of the MOON.
Yes, this is how whacky cyphers are.
Nap-o-Lean went to Elbahhhahaaaahaaa…
All wars are called “Theaters” for a reason.
But dis-tractions aside, WHO IS EL?
Definitely humankind’s any-me because L, the (R)ight angle is impossible for us.
And the L is the escape from the circle of LIE-fe.

he IRON(Fe) clad LIE.
How so Vivek? I’m sure you’re asking your good selves that Q this very instant….see? I’m a mind -reader.
So we live trapped in the Circ-EL (The Church of El) of life. Hmmmmmm…see? There he is again.
Our lives have a Circular pattern. Just like our C-Locks.
Trapping a supposedly linear unfoldment in a CIRC-el…A pantomime of Hands and Faces. See? Hmmmmm…..

Our PI-neal and PI-tutiary G-LANDS run our chemically dependent lives.
Pi-Pi. 2 Pi and R make the CIRCumference of our CIRC-EL of LIE-Fe.
So life is running in a CIRC-EL, clearly a TRAP.
Every Trap has a Re-Lease. (Yes, Re-Lease, I know, left?).
The Re-lease from a Circ-El is a TAN-GENT.
If you can bend 90 Degrees at your CIRCumference, you can Fly Free.
Oh hoh hoh!
L is the LOCK.
L is the KEY
Oh can’t you C?
Live Tangentially.
Or, if you’re lucky like me, you’re a born TAN GENT 😂
At the very edge of the circle of life is a gate. Every ANGLE has an ANGEL.
The Pa-Sword is 90 Degrees.
The I’m-Possible Angle/Angel.
And that, my frandz, is

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  1. Raj Panesar permalink
    December 13, 2021 11:36 am

    Hey Vivek,

    I’m a TAN-GENT too!


    Sadly not enough of us, to see through the theatre!

    Thanks for your continued insights brother!

    Best regards

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